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Doom Patrol Season 3 Confirmed, Cast, update and Plot Details

Doom Patrol Season 3 update
Doom Patrol Season 3 update

The DC’s new superhero TV series, Doom Patrol concluded its second season, and fans were much too surprised to see the new cliffhanger finale. Fans were hoping to see the show getting renewed, as it left too many questions unanswered, and we are glad to inform you that season 3 is now official.

Doom Patrol Season 3 Plot:

Doom Patrol Season 3 Spoilers

Doom Patrol Still

Doom Patrol Season 3 has been renewed for a third season, and according to the latest updates, the upcoming installment will be a lot more intense than the previous two seasons. The announcement was made by the executive producer of the show, Jeremy Carver, and his statement read, ‘On behalf of the wonderful cast, writers, and crew, we are thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to return to Doom Manor.’ Also, there is one twist to renewal, and if reports are to be believed, Doom Patrol Season 3 will arrive exclusively on HBO Max.

Now, Coming to the plot of season 3, the show will have to answer a lot of questions that arose after the cliffhanger ending of season 2. It will most likely pick up from season 2’s ending, and as per the reports, the cliffhanger ending was not planned originally, and it was a result of the team’s rework due to the pandemic, so keeping that in mind, season 3 will pick up from the final scenes of season 2 that were reworked and changed. Apart from that, there are several speculations that hints the return of Mr. Nobody accompanied by new villains, Danny the Tire or Flex Mentallo. 

Doom Patrol Season 3 Cast, update, and Episode Count

The cast of Doom Patrol Season 3 includes Diane Guerrero (Jane), April Bowlby (Rita Farr), Matt Bomer and Matthew Zuk (Larry Trainor), Brendan Fraser and Riley Shanahan (Cliff Steele), Timothy Dalton (Niles Caulder / The Chief), Joivan Wade (Victor “Vic” Stone / Cyborg) and others.

Season 2 consists of a total of 9 episodes which are as follows:

  • Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 1: Fun Size Patrol
  • Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 2: Tyme Patrol
  • Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 3: Pain Patrol
  • Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 4: Sex Patrol
  • Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 5: Finger Patrol
  • Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 6: Space Patrol
  • Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 7: Dumb Patrol
  • Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 8: Dad Patrol
  • Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 9: Wax Patrol

Doom Patrol Season 3 is expected to feature at least 10-15 episodes.

Doom Patrol Season 3 might release sometime in the second half of 2021. The official update is not revealed yet, however, we will keep you posted once the official word drops.