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Shadowverse Episode 25 Preview, and Spoilers


The battle is still on between Hiro and Leo who told Hiro that he has to prove he is a worthy opponent. After that, he will release Hiro’s power so that he can save the world. The battle is taking place inside the hall of trials Leo told Hiro that he is going to tell him the story about his father. Leo explains that he was a working partner with Hiro’s father Eji Ryugasak.

He said that the Tree of Blessings became a countdown to destruction. When there was danger in their work Eji went and save Asagi but he couldn’t reach her that is the day when the Tree of blessing became the Tree of Woe. Asagi was chosen as a vessel of Woe and Asagi is Hiro’s mother. Leo said for him to tell him what happened he has to defeat him.

This week’s post is about Shadowverse Episode 25 preview, and a recap. For you not to miss any updates or episodes of this Anime. You can use the weekly release schedule of Shadowverse to get new updates and episodes as soon as they are released. Take a look below.

Shadowverse Episode 25 will be released on Tuesday, 29 September 2020, at 5:55 PM JST. Keep in mind that every Tuesday you will get a new episode of this Anime. Unfortunately, the spoilers of the upcoming episodes are not yet available. Take a look at the recap and preview below. You can watch this Anime on officially on Crunchyroll at the same time from above.



Previously on Shadowverse Episode 24

Hiro furiously drawcard out of anger and unleashing the Dragon Oracle spell that increases his maximum play points. He also summons a shield dragon and activates it while ending his turn. Leo played Mystic Artifact and activates it while drawing another card. Leo attack the shield dragon with a mechanized servant that got defeat in a single blow by the shield dragon. Hiro said he can’t accept defeat so easily.

Leo unleashes a spell card: dimension fault. It has the advantage of making two damages to an enemy follower and destroys the shield dragon in a second. Loe started attacking without stopping he then play an Analyzing Artifact. Genesis Artifat’s third effect gets activated and gives him an advantage of two additional attacks and defense. Loe ends his turn and Hiro summons Ignis Dragon and orders it to evolve. Ignis Dragon attacks with Piercing Roar and destroys Mystic Artifact which causes Leo to draw a card.

After a long battle, Leo started punishing Hiro and he left him with no ideas on what to do. Hiro thought that he has lost and Loe told him that Eji didn’t give up until the end. Eji tried all his best in the past to save Hiro’s mother Asagi. Leo reveals shocking news to Hiro that his parents are not dead they have become posthuman beings inside the Tree of Woe. Hiro was told that they died in a car accident by his grandfather.

Leo said that Hiro can’t save the world or love Shadowverse. Hiro falls down on his knees thinking that it is over for him and Luca came. He told him no matter how bad it gets he must not give up. Hiro gets up and defeats Leo using the Roar from the Ignis dragon. Leo congratulates them for overcoming the trial. He unleashed the true power of Sahdoverse on Hiro’s watch. Hiro shouts that he is going to save the world.

Shadowverse Episode 25 Preview

The next updates of the upcoming episode will be released next week as soon as the new episode is released. That’s the latest preview and updates about Shadowverse