CBS show Man with a Plan is about Adam’s plan, the thing that worries is whether his plan is still on track or not.

The American family sitcom, Man with a Plan stars veteran actor Matt LeBlanc in the lead role. Matt plays an old-school contractor named Adam who somewhat is trying to adapt to the demands of modern family life. The cast of Man with a Plan includes Liza Snyder, Kevin Nealon, Stacy Keach, Grace Kaufman, Matthew McCann, Hala Finley, Matt Cook, and Kali Rocha.

In the show, Adam and his wife, Andi (Snyder), run a business of house-flipping. Adam is joined by his brother as a business partner, Don (Nealon) plays his friend. Lowell (Cook) is the other castmate.

Man with a Plan
Man with a Plan: season 4 renewed by CBS.

Coming back to the major question, will Man with a Plan be back for Season 4? In order to answer that, we must go through the ratings for season 3. The third season of Man with a Plan averaged around in the 18-49 demographic and scored about 5.33 million viewers. If that’s compared to season two, the ratings were down by 12% in the demo and down by 8% in viewership.

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So, will CBS cancel Man with a Plan more all? Since the ratings weren’t very good, it was expected that the studio would like to get more episodes for syndication. We had high hopes for its renewal. CBS will cancel or renew Man with a Plan for season four? The ratings aren’t very good but I suspect the studio would like to get more episodes for syndication. And that’s exactly what happened.

Finally, everything went according to plan for Adam Burns. CBS renewed Man with a Plan TV show for a fourth season. That’s all that’s known as of today, the release date remains a mystery. We’ll update this page as soon as we know more on Man with a Plan.