Fire Emblem Three Houses Conflict Theme— Explained

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Fire Emblem Three Houses
Fire Emblem Three Houses (Credits: Nintendo)

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Fire Emblem Three Houses is set in the realm of Fodlan. It is a land that is divided even before the mid-game time skip. The three countries which are dominant in this land are not very friendly with each other even after centuries. It is because of this reason that the conflict in the game feels very authentic and it the main reason why the time skip works so well.

The conflict is one of the central themes of Three Houses. At the beginning of the game, Byleth is conflicted about leaving their lives of a mercenary behind for a professional position. Even when the father Jeralt is faced with an internal conflict because he must return to a place that he cast out of his life. Jeralt gives us a first view at the external conflict when he warns Byleth to be cautious of Rhea’s motives.

Fire Emblem Three Houses
Fire Emblem Three Houses (Credits: Nintendo)

Rhea’s represents the recurring theme of hypocrisy. She praises the church for bringing peace Fodlan. She is very quick to brand her foes as heretics. These things are brought to the forefront by Three Houses. Jeralt’s words lurk in the back of the player’s mind and cause distrust to develop.

The land of Fodlan is not a stranger to conflict. Lords scheme against the church. These are just some examples of the Three Houses’ prevailing theme. In every aspect of the game, conflict is present, which affects the minds of the people at the academy. Even the player can be easily roped into the madness, proving the strength of the game’s writing.

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