Yellowstone Season 3: Confirmed Spoilers And New Cast Member

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Yellowstone Season 3

Yellowstone is one of the best Ranch shows out there, and it would be interesting to see how it goes after the second season concludes. The second season is only left with a finale episode, and everyone is excited to know what are the future plans of the show. Therefore, we will be discussing Yellowstone season 3 spoilers.

What Would Happen In Yellowstone Season 3?

As we know, this is one of the best shows for Paramount, and that is the reason they do not want to let it go. The second season is not even done, but the show has already got a renewal for the third season. Hence, we do not have to worry about anything. However, the Ranch is in trouble, and we have seen that the Ranch is in problem. Jamie told Beth that it has not made a profit in years, and that is why land acquisition is not happening. Take a look at the latest episode clip, which shows how bad situation is for Duttons.

While John is in trouble, the third season might have a solution coming in for him. I am not sure whether it would be ideal, but he might get an offer he cannot refuse to sell the ranch. We will see a new character getting in the game, which will be Karen Pittman’s Willa Hays. Willa will be stepping in to struck a deal with John, although it is not clear what type of. Maybe she would be being a partner in the business, or buying a part of the ranch. She will have an offer which might not have too much room for hesitation in John.

If it is true, then we can see a dramatic change in the story, and also some new arcs if Willa could get the ranch out of trouble and making profits again. Yellowstone season 3 does not have a confirmedas of now. However, we believe that it would come out in June 2020, same as the last two seasons. The next season might have 10 episodes, same as the current season.

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