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The Training Mode Update Revealed By Developers Of Apex Legends

Apex Legends
Apex Legends (Credits: Respawn)

With the new update of Apex Legend recently arriving and it has been well received by the fans. There was a lot of stuff introduced I the most recent update such as a new gun, new Legend as well as a new map. Even after this, there are more updates coming to the game and one of these updates will be revamping a certain mode and that will be arriving during the third season. The thing that I am talking about is currently called Training Mode.

Training Mode New Update Revealed

Right now, Apex Legends possesses a tutorial called training ground,” this only lets you follow a set series of steps as character Lifeline. But all of it will be changing very soon as the developers will be adding the ability to switch characters, use attachments, and train with your squad. This was reported by Eurogamer during developer Respawn showed off the updated training ground on a live stream that was on Friday.

Apex Legends Training Mode

Apex Legends (Credits: Respawn)

This new training ground will be called the “firing range.” It might look the same but there is an addition of some bright red dummies which you can shoot at. Moreover, you will be able to switch between characters, use your tactical and ultimate abilities, can try out different weapons, armor as well as hopups. Furthermore, the developers revealed that you will be able to bring your squad into training with you as well.

The update of this hasn’t been specified but it was said that it is “coming soon” during Season 3. Devs said that there is a pretty big demand for the new firing range because the game is pretty hard to learn during a battle. Moreover, many new players are forced to pick characters that they aren’t familiar which could ruin the experience for the newcomers.