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Little Mix The Search Postponed Due To COVID Infection

Little Mix The Search Delayed
Little Mix The Search IMage

Little Mix The Search season 1 Episode 7 has been postponed due to unavoidable circumstances. This a reality television show which was developed based in Britain. The first announcement about the show came back in April 2020. Initially, the show was planned to get kick-started during the start of this year, later got delayed due to the pandemic. Paul Newton and Rob Davies are the creative directors of the reality show. In recent times we could able to see many reality television shows developed from various regions of the world to entertain the audience base. Based on the information from the internet sources, it’s clear that the audience watching the shows and series have considerably increased soon after the global lockdown.

Andrea Hamilton and  Leanne Witcoop are the executive producers of the television reality show. Each episode of the series has a runtime of around 60 minutes. Most of the reality shows have some runtime duration which makes it more interesting to watch. The show has completed six episodes and received positive comments from the audience base located in the United Kingdom. After the long debate to kick start the progress of the series, development has planned to carry forward their shooting under the government restrictions. Initially, it was announced that the series will be released late this year. Later the decision was altered and got released on 26 September 2020. It’s said that more than 10 million dollars are put on hold due to the lockdown which prevailed for four months worldwide. Many series got postponed whereas few series even got canceled for the upcoming seasons.

Little Mix The Search Delayed

Little Mix The Search Still

Why Is Little Mix The Search Delayed?

Little Mix The Search season 1 Episode 7 was initially planned to be streamed on 17 October 2020, later development has altered their previous announcement. It was announced that a few of the cast members from the reality television series tested positive for the COVID-19 which resulted in postponing the series. The update has been rescheduled and expected that the series will be released on 24 October 2020. This announcement came soon after Britain’s Got Talent Christmas special got contracted due to the unhealthy circumstances that prevailed during the shooting progress. Other than these BBC One shows, we could able to see the slow development progress of a few other shows.

It’s said that each episode of the reality show is been followed by over 2 million fowers which resulted in great reach. This is one of the few shows developed in Great Britain which has more than a million active followers. Even though the development crew followed a few of the strict isolation and social distancing, they couldn’t stop crew members from getting infected by the deadly virus. It’s expected that there won’t be any further delay in the update of the last episode of the first season of the reality show. The reality show got kick-started with pre-filmed auditions along with group formation episodes. After that, the show continued with live shows under the guidelines of social distancing. On 14 October 2020 development made an official announcement on Twitter regarding the postponed update of the reality show.