Pokemon 2019 Episode 46 Updates, and Recap

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Pokemon 2019

From the previous episode of Pokemon, Dande encounters Mugendian that has been awakened inside Rose’s lab. Satoshi shows up after hearing an explosion when he was passing by. They both find out it was Rose doings since he wants to control Mugendian. Rose said that it is the pokemon of his dream and he wants to create Galar particles. Satoshi and Dande decide to take down Rose along with Mugendian. Let’s see how the battle continues below.

In the city, they are getting more reports of Daimax Pokemon rampaging, and Knuckle Stadium is under attack by an unidentified gigantic Pokemon. The reporters are asking if it could be the legendary calamity that has come back. Nyarth has also affected by the powers of Daimax and he is chasing team Rocket. He managed to recognize them and they told him to go to clash with Mugendian. Nyarth climbs to the top building and tries to fight Mugendian.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 46 Recap

Pokemon 2019 Episode 46 will be released on Friday, 20 November 2020, at 6:55 AM JST. The new episode of Pokemon is released every Friday. These Anime release its latest new episode every Friday. Beware of the spoilers of the next episode, so make sure to be careful when you continue. Watch this Anime officially on Netflix. Move down below for more about Pokemon.

Pokemon 2019
Pokemon 2019

Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 45

Nyarth then turns back to his normal form then Dande unleashes  Kyodaimax. Mugendian started to absorb Galar particles in order to assume his final form. Rose is happy that his plans are progressing fast and he said that soon they will see ultimate Pokemon bringing them infinite energy. Satoshi said that Dande will seal it before that happens. He orders Riolu to attack with force palm and Pikachu with Iron tail. Rose orders Nutrey to unleash Iron Defense and the two got blocked backward.

Daioudou attacks with a heavy bomber that destroyed the ground when Riolu and Pikachu are dodging. Pikachu got taken down and Riolu evolves into Lucario and defeated Nutrey and Daioudou using the Aurora sphere. Meanwhile, Goh also beat his opponent after Rabbifoot evolved into Aceburn. Rose is shocked to see that Riolu single-handedly defeated two pokemon in a single hit. Satoshi decides to go to the top building to help Dande.

Goh also shows up are they are both happy looking at each other’s pokemon that has evolved. The trio teams up to take down Mugendian but he overpowers them. Mugendian’s powers started to increase and Rose is happy that he will get his revenge. After an intense battle, Goh and Santoshi summons a gigantic super ball and capture Mugendian. They defeated Mugendian with the help of two legendary pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta. Those two vanish in the sky and they left Goh and Santoshi with sword and shield as a present. The world went back to a normal peaceful world.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 46 Preview


For the upcoming episode of this Anime that’s what the preview have revealed for us so far. Keep in mind that every Friday new updates of the upcoming episode will be available for you.

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