‘Doctor Who Season 11’ Recorded Huge Ratings Uplift

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Doctor Who Season 11 Witnessed Huge Ratings Uplift

It seems like Jodie Whittaker is sporting the role of The Doctor in the best way, as she is receiving immense love from fans. Although she is the first actress to play the role of The Doctor, she has done justice to the role as she is being loved all over America for her tremendous performance.

Although we know that the past seasons had a lot of fluctuations in the number of viewers, this season has done better. People also believe that Jodie Whittaker is one of the most successful actors in The Doctor’s character, and I do not doubt at all.

Talking about stats, the show received 1.6 million average viewers since the show got into the eleventh season, which is higher than the previous season. Comparing it to the last season in which The Doctor was played by Peter Capaldi, this season experienced a 20 percent hike in the number of viewers.

However, many have also said that the change of time-slot from Saturday to Sunday might have also helped, but that looks to be the least possible reason for a one-fifth hike into the viewer count. Also, Jodie Whittaker’s sign of playing The Doctor’s role in the next season has also made news, and it seems that the show will regain success as the original show.

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