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New Hand Tracking Feature Of Oculus Quest Launches Early

Oculus is going to release the hand tracking feature. It was scheduled to come out in 2020; however, now we get a chance to put our hands on it. It will come as a part of the v12after installing the update. The Hand Tracking option can be found in the Experimental features menu.

In the beginning, only Oculus Home menus and the Oculus TV interface will be supporting the hand tracking feature. New experiences can be built after the SDK is released for developers. This will take the gaming console and the entire experience to a new level. We are past those days when we had to press a button to send instructions to the computer. With the help of the hand tracking feature, even a pinch can be used as a gesture to trigger commands.

Immersive experience

The hand tracking will take the virtual reality experience to a whole new level and will immerse the players in the world of gaming. It will eliminate the inconvenience of holding a controller or joystick to control the massive actions of the game. The entire setup will become more portable and easy to carry as we will only need to keep the Oculus Quest with ourself, without the pain of carrying any controllers.

Now, the important question is, when will we get to see the games that will actually use the application of hand tracking. According to reports, we can get the first games and applications in January 2020. Developers who are using Unity can use this feature, support for the UE4 engine in the first quarter of 2020. Games fans are really happy that the launching is done before 2020; the device with it brings a whole new level of gaming experience. Hopefully, players will be able to enjoy all the features within a couple of months.