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Meet The Frasers Season 1 Is Now Released: Cast and Episode Details

Meet the Frasers is a brand new reality TV show that will follow a local celebrity pair Matt Fraser and Alexa Papogiotis. The show will revolve around their personal lives and their journey in the professional world, along with a focus on their families. The creators of the show include Mark Burnett, Barry Poznick, Doughlas Ross Lisa Tucker and Alex Baskin.

The show will be entertaining the audience with tremendous family dynamics and animated leads. There will be personal themes resembling the TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians.

The cast of Meet The Frasers Season 1

Matt Fraser is able to see dead people and talk to them and is the protagonist of the show. Alexa Papogiotis also present who is the host of a fashion and skincare blog. The other casts include Maria and Sharon Ciolli.

The plot of Meet The Frasers Season 1

The show is a reality TV show that is about the lives of Matt Fraser and Alexa Papogiotis and their families as well. The show documents the personal as well as professional lives. This show is also a means for them to grow their business and gain popularity.

The show features Matt as he is busy with his new book When Heaven Calls and Alexa as she is focusing on winning her next beauty title. We also come to know about her plans for the baby.

Meet the Frasers Season 1 update

The first season of Meet The Frasers premiered on 13 January 2020. The episodes can be watched on E! The runtime of each episode will be around 25-30 minutes. The first two episodes will also be released on YouTube on 7 January.