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One Piece 931 update, Spoilers, And Updates

One Piece 931

One Piece Chapter 930 dropped earlier today, and it was probably the most interesting chapter that we’ve got in Wano Country arc Act 2 so far. Things are starting to move quickly now, and Chapter 930 proved once again that Oda is putting a lot of effort in this arc. In this chapter, we saw Zoro going to the Ebisu Town and finding out about the Witching-hour Boy.

It is possible that they’ll meet soon. What’s more, the people of this town always seem to laugh no matter what, so maybe Otoko is from this town as well? I certainly think so. Meanwhile, Big Mom Pirates finally reached Wano Country, and they started using Carps to enter this place, which surprised even Kaidou himself.

Apparently, Big Mom’s information gathering is top notch. However just as Big Mom was about to enter Wano, their ship was tackled by King, and it went downstream again. Big Mom fell into the ocean, and drowned.

One Piece 931 update

We then moved to the Flower Capital, where Page One was trashing the townsfolk so that he gets to find Sangoro. Seeing this, Sangoro attacks him, but Page One gets up quickly. Law tells Sangoro that he cannot reveal his identity here because the entire plan will be ruined if they do. Sangoro decides to use the Raid Suit to cover up his identity and finish Page One instantly.

In One Piece Chapter 931, we will first see what happened to Big Mom. In my opinion, Perospero will make a candy slug to retrieve Big Mom. We will then see Big Mom animating it with her Devil Fruit and attacking King, who may then be asked by Kaidou to retreat. Big Mom will finally enter Wano Country. Meanwhile, at the Flower Capital, Sanji puts on the Raid Suit and starts fighting Page One. Sanji will be dominating the fight, and at the same time, he’ll blitz Page One. His Raid Suit may be Phantom Black, and it allows him to conceal his presence, much like the Suke Suke no Mi.

One Piece 931 official update is February 2019. The scans will be out by 1 February 2019.

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