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90 Days Fiance Season 7:Or Cancelled?

90 Days Fiance is one of the bizarre shows out there. I’ve never been a fan and yet I can’t stop to watch it whenever it is on air. The show central premise and everything else is the processing of the K-1 Visa. Hence some of us think that that wouldn’t be possible, considering the situation at hand. The fans theories spell out that it may get difficult to determine if Season 7 of 90 Days Fiance would happen at all. It’s solely because of the recent happenings in United States politics. So could they delay the show? Is 90 Days Fiance likely going to happen?

Facts should be stated first that the U.S. government was sawed the longest shut down in history. From the end of 2018 to late January 2019, the government of the USA saw partial shut down. It in other terms meant that there was no approved funding bill to support the daily operations of federal agencies. Which also means that the processing of K-1 Visa for potential cast members is the exact point where the show’s production starts. That a 100% means a delay in the filming of 90 Day Fiance season 7.

The development at hand caused a delay in visa processing and this the producer of 90 Days Fiance was in a rut. But TLC was prepared from its end; it started the casting for 90 Day Fiance, season 7 around January. Which also turned out to be a challenge.

In January of 2019, TLC ordered a Season 7 for 90 Days Fiance as Season 6 was highly acclaimed. The sixth season of 90 Days Fiance so far saw the highest number of average viewers since the show aired in 2014. So consider Season 7 a 100% possibility. We may have to wait a little longer than usual for it to come out though.