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Lg G9: update, Specification, Price, and Details

Lg G9 update

South Korea’s second-largest manufacturer –LG– struggles to place a mobile phone in a market under the leadership of Samsung & Apple, right in the middle of an intercontinental pandemic that saw the cancellation of many events –including the Mobile World Congress 2020 where LG’s latest mobile contraption was supposed to launch.

South Korea –the Asian nation whose robotics capacity place her on top of the list of the most industrialized countries of the Earth– gave us from the hands of LG Electronics Inc. –at the beginning of the century– great mobile phones & consumer electronics. Competitiveness being what it is, LG fell behind Samsung, that is no deterrent for the Korean company whose latest phone has some interesting to offer.

Dwarfed by a giant Samsung that has a commanding place, and facing competitions from their Chinese counterparts –Huawei & Xiaomi– the South Korean company has a tough challenge. Make no mistake about this, LG makes excellent products & the sheer velocity of technological developments have placed a burden on the Korean manufacturer –quirks & missteps running 5G– keep them off the podium of consumer electronics.

The year is 2020, and it’s a new decade, companies have to show what they can give the world for the next ten years, that’s why every single manufacturer prepares to showcase their products at consumer electronics shows worldwide. Then came the Coronavirus pandemic & public events get canceled. The pandemic canceled the Mobile World Congress where LG Electronics was supposed to launch the LG. A telephone heavily slammed by critics –by its old looks & components.

LG G9 Specification

Specifications for the LG G9 are a mystery. LG dropped Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor and chose to use a cheaper low-end Snapdragon 765. But that’s as far as we can get. In late March, the tech press reported that the G series from LG might see the boot altogether. The Korean company might choose to rename the product to highlight whatever specifications or features, those sort of marketing tactics are not the factor consumers take into consideration when making a purchase, so LG is left without any other choice than to ramp up their game.

LG G9 update & Price

The LG has no update yet, as mentioned earlier the Mobile World Congress –where the predecessor of this phone, the G8 was released– got canceled, so we can only assume that sometime in this first half of the year –after the storm of COVID–19 passes–. The word given in individual tech forums is that this phone will see its release on May 15, but there’s no confirmation on that. As for the price, we have to speculate again, the G8 sold for 820$USD, considering that this phone is somewhat similar, we can expect the same price tag.

Lg G9 Specs

Lg G9 Leaks

LG G9 Leaks

The only LG G9 leak available are grainy-pixelated renders of a mobile phone with no peculiar design to stand out for. A quadruple-lens camera on the back, a single-lens front camera, a 3.5mm headphone jack–now considered legacy by hard critics, as it’s implementation makes devices “bulky”. That’s it.

LG G9 Dimensions

With a 6.9 inch screen, an in-screen fingerprint scanner & measuring 169.4 x 77.6 x 8.8mm.


The LG G8 –predecessor– had a puzzling set of features called Air Motion and Hand ID, that mobile phone allows users to control some aspects of the telephone by waving their hands over the screen. While those are some unique things to the gadget, they were inconsistent, quirky and people didn’t enjoy them, we are not sure if LG will reprise these features in their latest contraption.

Hidden in the shroud of secrecy, bungled consumer shows & a reputation for recovering that’s what LG has in store for this quarter of the year. With the Mobile World Congress out of circulation, a not-so-clear relationship with 5G –Chinese dominated & controversial– technology & marketing problems, this might be the last of the G series we see, as mentioned earlier. But that’s the tip of the iceberg for LG, a company that has already a difficult time in the mobile phone business podium.

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