KGF Chapter 2: update Delayed Due To Outbreak? and Details

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KGF Chapter 2

KGF Chapter 2 is one of the most awaited movies of the Indian cinema this year, and maybe of this decade! There are not many sequels that are originally decided from the beginning, and leave the fans on a cliffhanger in the current scenario of Indian movies. However, movies like Bahubali have had great success for trying it, and now it seems like we are getting more of those multiple-part movies that have suspense building for quite sometime before the conclusion come out.

Similarly, KGF had a story where a kid who grew up with a dream to rule the underworld. He became a gangster but with a good heart, and succeeded in every task that ever stumbled upon him. However, he never knew that his next project will lead him to a man-made world of exploitation. But he even tries to break out of the delusional gold mine, and finally manages to kill the main person handling it. So, it would be interesting how it goes after the conclusion.

KGF Chapter 2 update Delayed Due to Coronavirus Pandemic?

KGF 2 is scheduled to release on 23 October 2020 in the theatres. However, due to the current situation, we should expect a delay in the release of the movie if the situation does not get better soon. Currently, there is no confirmation about any delay in the release of the film, but we might hear soon officially if there is any change in the plan.

KGF Chapter 2
Mouni Roy and Yash on the Sets of a Song Shoot for KGF Chapter 1

Additionally, the work on the film was almost completed when the announced the so it is possible that the update might not change despite the fear. But if they will feel that they might see any problems in screening or something similar, they will surely try to delay the release as they have worked so hard for this and they would not take any chances!

Even if they delay the movie, it would be by a month or two, and could see a similar update to the first part 21 December 2020. But we believe there will not be any change in the scheduled date.

Update May 2020

Sanjay Dutt, who is playing antagonist Adheera in forthcoming KGF Chapter 2, shared a new poster from the movie on his Instagram account, and added a caption stating “Witness Adheera’s journey in cinemas near you as KGF Chapter 2 releases worldwide on October 23, 2020”. So according to this detail, the film was supposed to be already slated for the 23rd Oct date. But since Corona Virus India has faced huge hit. and no doubt the film will be delayed.

As many movie titles have already delayed like “Sooryavanshi”, Ranveer Singh’s “83”, Arjun Kapoor’s “Sandeep Aur Pinky Farrar” have already officially announced their postponing of films. The new dates are not announced yet but are expected to release after pandemic ends. Hence it’s safe to say that even KGF Chapter 2 will be delayed.

Teaser Release Delayed Due to Coronavirus

Well, there was no confirmed update of the teaser but it is confirmed now that it will not be coming out anytime soon due to the current situation. Check out the Tweet by Karthik Gowda who confirms it.

Fans were asking for a teaser release constantly and that was the official response, which was justified due to the current situation! Although you can watch KGF Chapter 1 right now on Amazon Prime Video.

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