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Ninjago Season 13 Cast and Crew, Plot and Official Trailer

Lego Ninjago Season 13 Release
A still from Lego Ninjago Season 12

The twelveth season of Ninjago just ended a few weeks ago, and the loyal fans have already been eager to know about Ninjago Season 13. Based on the characters from the toy theme, the animated TV series, ‘Ninjago,’ has been nominated twice for awards— the 39th Annie Awards for the Best Director and the BMI TV Music Award, for best composers, out of which, they won the latter. If you want to know about the upcoming season of the show, all you need to do is to read this article further, which includes the date of premiere, cast, trailer, and plot of the show.

Ninjago Season 13 Official Cast and Crew

The lead characters of the twelveth season of the show comprised of Anthony Buzzsaw Nelli voiced over by Bill Newton; Avatar Harumi, voiced over by Britt McKillip; Cole, voiced over by Kirby Morrow; Hyper-Sonic voiced over by Matt Hill; Jay, voiced over by Michael Adamthwaite; Kai, voiced by Vincent Tong; Lloyd Garmadon voiced by Sam Vincent; Milton Dyer and his assistant, Nya, by Kelly Metzger; PIXAL said by Jennifer Hayward; Ratso, voiced over by Sam Vincent; Racer Seven, by Shannon Chan-Kent, Red Visors, voiced by Sam Vincent; Scott, who is voiced over by Adrian Petriw; Unagami, voiced by Dean Redman; Wu, voiced by Paul Dobson; and Zane, voiced by Brent Miller.

The next season may keep the same voice cast, if everything goes right, or bring in new characters as well as voices. However, it is just a prediction since the final word of say will, of course, be given by the makers of the show.

The show has a long list of crew members with Michael Hegner, Peter Hausner, Michael Helmuth Hansen, Thomas Østergaard Poulsen, Frederik Budolph, Daniel Ife, Shane Poettcker, Justin Murphy, Martin Skov, Trylle Vilstrup, Jens Møller, Per During Risager, Peter Egeberg and Wade Cross having served as the directors of the series across different seasons. The episodes of the show have been written by Kevin Hageman, Dan Hageman, Kevin Burke, Adam Beechen, Alisha Brophy, Joel Thomas, John Behnke, Jack Thomas, David Shayne, Ryan Levin, Bragi F. Schut, Chris ‘Doc’ Wyatt, Matt ‘Chato’ Hill and Scott Miles.

The executive producers of the series include Torsten Jacobsen, Irene Sparre, and Erik Wilstrup, who has been producing the show from the very beginning and Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman, who has served as the executive producers from seasons eight to ten. The show has been working under the production team of The Lego Group, Wil Film ApS (seasons 1–10), and WildBrain Studios (season 11–present) with The Lego Group and Warner Bros. Television Distribution having been assigned with the job of the distribution markets.

Ninjago Season 13 update

The update of the thirteenth season of Ninjago is quite hard to predict because of the irregular releases of the past seasons, keeping in mind that the season hasn’t been renewed yet. The first season of the show titled, ‘Rise of the Snakes,’ began to air from January 11, 2012, and continued till April 11, 2012, with a total of episodes, while the latest season, that is, season 12, titled, ‘Prime Empire,’ aired from April 4, 2020, till April 26, 2020, and had a total of sixteen episodes. However, the hardest that we can guess for the show to release its 13th season is either at the end of 2020 or in the first half of 2021.

Ninjago Season 13 Official Trailer

The trailer for the thirteenth season of the show is not available right now. However, we have provided you the direct link for Ninjago Season 12 trailer to watch if you haven’t watched it already.

Ninjago Season 13 Plot

Set mainly in the domain of Ninjago, which is showcased as a place inspired a little by myths and culture of East Asia. Although the show features a number of buildings that are designed historically, along with several traditional clothing, Ninjago is based on a modern theme, assimilating huge metropolises with advanced automobiles, skyscrapers, modern electrical devices, semi-robotic exo-suits, and different technology that is yet to come.

The show originally premiered on Nickelodeon in Denmark, while in the United States and the United Kingdom, it aired on Cartoon Network. You can watch the first few seasons of the show on Netflix.