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Season of Opulence: Destiny 2 Newupdate And Details

Season of Opulence update, Details
Season of Opulence

Destiny 2 will be getting its next bit of content pretty soon. The next season of the game is Season of Opulence. However, it hasn’t gone live just yet. Bungu has revealed a roadmap which hints what is to come for the game in the next three months. In another post, the studio has revealed the activities that the players will go through in the next season of the game.

Season of Opulence is set to begin on June 4. It is also confirmed that six hours after the launch of the new season the Crown of Sorrows raid will come out.

The players will get involved with new Menagerie activity. Bungie hasn’t expanded on what is going to happen in this activity. It does seem that Menagerie will be a wave-based mode which is quite similar to Escalation Protocol and Blind Well. It has been rumored that it could also be an endless mode akin to Infinite Forest’s holiday events.

On June 11, the Menagerie will be getting a new boss, and a quest for the Exotic rocket launcher Truth will begin on the same date. It is a returning Exotic rocket launcher from Destiny. Moving on, the players will get a new quest line for a chance to earn armor when Iron Banner returns. It will start on June 18. In the same week, they will get a Menagerie boss. The Heroic mode will start on June 26. We don’t know what Heroic will include.

On July 2, the players can seek out the Lumina. It is the fifth Exotic hand cannon in four seasons. On July 9, Bungie is going to unlock the Tribute Hall and Moments of Triumph. At the end of July, the players will get the opportunity to celebrate their achievements with the Solstice of Heroes holiday event. It will be an exciting season overall.