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‘Marvel’ Reveals Spider-Man 4 Teaser, New Details

Marvel Reveals Spider-Man 4 Teaser
Spider-Man 4 Teaser

Earlier Marvel released a new teaser which got the fans talking. The teaser is the number four written in a spider’s web. Marvel hasn’t revealed what that means yet. The spider webs hint towards that it has something to do with Spider-Man or the Spider-Man family. The “four” has got many people thinking that it is related to the Fantastic Four.

So, this hints towards a possible project that will see Spider-Man and Fantastic Four teaming up. It is not a new thing to the fans as Spider-Man is close with them. It isn’t going to be recruitment but, it definitely seems that a team up is in order.

This is one of the possibilities. Another possibility is that Marvel might actually be teasing Spider-Man 4 movie. Back in 2007, Spider-Man 4 began development. The movie would have been the fourth movie to be directed by Sam Raimi and with Tobey Maguire playing the role of Spider-Man and Kirsten Dunst playing Mary Jane Watson.

In several interviews, Raimi had insinuated that he wanted to make Lizard the villain of the movie. He also hinted that he wanted to build on Bruce Campbell’s appearance in the first Spider-Man movie and turn him into Mysterio.

The movie would have actually set up the second trilogy of Spider-Man movies. However, the plans for the project fell through. Sony Pictures canceled the project in 2010, and they started working on the Amazing Spider-Man reboot.