Fortnite Season 10: Volcano Robot, Rumors, What We Know So Far

Fortnite’s ongoing season is coming to an end and there only a few weeks left to it. But the promotion for Fortnite Season 10 has already begun. This teaser was inside of a volcano which is located in the northeast corner of the map. Some thought that the volcano would erupt, but they were wrong as instead of eruption, inside the volcano there is a huge construction site for a massive robot.

Right now, the only part of the robot’s body that is made is its legs, and it is pretty obvious that it is going to be massive. Moreover, that leg seems already finished, and it looks as tall as a dozen players stacked on top of each other. Furthermore, I think each of its parts is hidden across the map, and it will be formed during a live event that Epic loved to do. There is no telling how big this robot will be, but we will know when it is completed.

After it has been finished, its purpose in the game might also be revealed. It could also be that there is no purpose of it at all, but I have high expectations that it will definitely have a purpose. It might be used to destroy some more parts of the island. The Robot might have been made to fight monsters that rumor the seas of Fortnite.

If the monsters are coming to the island, then the robot will be there to greet them, and their battle would reshape the map. And it would be interesting to see which part of the island is going to be destroyed this time if it ever happens again. As for the update, Fortnite’s season 9 will be ending on 1 August, and there will mostly be an event between that. Moreover, some map changes will mostly be happening, and Season 10 of Fortnite will be starting sometime in August.

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