One Piece Episode 893 update, Preview, And Spoilers

One Piece Episode 892 aired yesterday and it revitalized the entire fanbase of the show. Often, you see fans criticizing One Piece for bad pacing and lack of great animation among many other things. This is not a fair criticism, to begin with, but looks like Toei animation wants to go all out with Wano Country arc. The first episode of the arc was just what we needed as an opener and Toei delivered like never before. So, what brought this change? Well, there isn’t just one thing responsible for this.

The entire staff structure behind One Piece changed and that’s what gave us Wano the way it is now. First, the previous series director Toshinori Fukuzawa was replaced by Tatsuya Nagamine. Nagamine isn’t directing One Piece alone though. He has two co-directors working with him and these are Kouhei Kureta, and Aya Komaki. For those of you who don’t know, these three are some of the absolute best directors at Toei, so yes, One Piece will continue to look great throughout this arc.

Moving forward the character designer for One Piece was changed from Kazuya Hisada to Midori Matsuda. Matsuda is very talented, and has been constantly praised for her art resembling Oda’s. Along with that, the composite studio for One Piece was changed, and a new line filter was introduced which we’ve seen previously in Tiger Mask, and then Dragon Ball Super: Broly. All these changes are what has given us this beautiful Wano Country arc and next week, we’ll get more of the same.

One Piece Episode 893 will see Luffy fighting against the Beasts Pirates who seem to be after a girl named O-Tama. Of course, Luffy is able to defend her and kick their asses and send them packing. Meanwhile, Zoro continues to go wild at the Flower Capital and he completely annihilates the Magistrate’s guards. By the end of the episode, Basil Hawkins, one of the members of the Worst Generation is introduced to us!

One Piece Episode 893 airs next Sunday, July 14, 2019. You can stream it on Funimation.

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