One Piece 950 Review And Spoilers: Law Captured, Plan Failed?

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One Piece 950

One Piece 950 was like a breath of fresh air to the fans because the story progressed a lot in this chapter, and it is evident that we’re now moving closer to the end of Wano Country Act 2. It’s been teased by Oda’s editors since long now that we’re close to the end of Act 2 and this chapter cemented that for me. I think the second act will likely wrap up within the next 4 chapters and I can’t wait for it to happen.

One Piece 950 Review: The End Draws Near

This week’s chapter gave us insight on many different things going on at Wano at once and that’s exactly what we wanted to see. The last few chapters were spent at Udon entirely, and to me, that was a bit frustrating because I wanted to see what was going on at the Flower Capital as well.

One Piece 950 Review
Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid, Monkey D Luffy from Worst Generation, One Piece (Toei Animation)

While we did get to see the aftermath of what happened at the Flower Capital, as expected, all the major battles had already been off-paneled by Oda. We didn’t get to see how Zoro got away, neither did we see how Sanji and XDrake fought.

Law’s fight against Hawkins was entirely offscreened as well and that’s very disappointing. However, what we do know is that the Strawhats got away and so did Zoro and Hiyori. Zoro’s plan is to get Shuusui back before the final battle and it’s going to be interesting to see how he faces off against Gyukimaru again.

Meanwhile, Sanji and the Strawhats are at an unknown place, but I think they’re nearby in Ringo. Trafalgar Law has been captured by Hawkins, which is perfectly understandable because the lives of his crewmates were on the line so he couldn’t fight properly. Drake and Hawkins are questioning Law now, and they want to know what exactly he plans to do here at Wano Country. It’ll be interesting to see whether Law will be tossed to Udon Prison as well, or if he’ll manage to escape somehow.

Speaking of Udon, Luffy offered Kid a helping hand and asked him to join the alliance, but after seeing what the previous alliance yielded, he says he’s done with the alliance and breaks out of Udon. Kid doesn’t want to join the alliance for now, but I’m sure that he’ll turn back sooner or later. He has to be a part of the alliance and that goes without saying.

Finally, we also got to see what Ashura Doji’s secret was. Apparently, 10 years ago, the samurai who wanted to free Wano lost patience and they attacked Onigashima, only to get crushed by Kaido. Ashura Doji shows the graves of the fallen to Kinemon, and he swears that in 8 days, Wano Country will be taken back from Kaido.

Since the chapter covered a lot of events, I think this is a great piece to finally get things close to the end of Act 2 of Wano Country. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next chapter ended Act 2 at all. Things look very interesting by the looks of it. I cannot wait for One Piece 951 to drop!

What are your thoughts on One Piece Chapter 950? Let me know in the comments section below!

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