Ip Man 4: Donnie Yen Reveals Trailer, update

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The upcoming Hong-Kong martial arts movie titled “lp Man” will further the story of Wing Chun Grandmaster. This biographical movie is directed by Wilson Yip and produced by Raymond Wong. This forth lp Man will show him arrived in Seattle to rescue his protégé, Bruce Lee. Recently, Bruce took to his Instagram profile and unveiled the teaser trailer of this movie. Lee is messing with the locals so that you will see a lot of actions sequences and stunts. Ip Man went into production in April 2018 and within two months, finished shooting.


The fourth sequel to lp Man 4 will be the last of lp Man franchise, which rolled in 2008. Ip Man, is fondly known as Yip Man, has a reputation of one of the best martial arts practitioners the world. The genre of Kung Fu that he practices are called Wing Chun. It is a close combat method that involves utilizing grappling and speed.

A major rumor that excited lp Man in July 2018 was that the film would feature an epic showdown between Yen and Jackie Chan.the movie is all set to be released in July of 2019. Ip Man stars English martial artist Scott Adkins and Taiwanese-American actor Vanness Wu. An exactfor Ip Man remains unknown as of now.

Pegasus Motion Pictures produce Ip Man, and it comes out in Cantonese.

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