Black Clover Episode 139 Preview, and Spoilers

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Black Clover

The Clover Kingdom is the Kingdom where magic is everything and there is only one boy who can’t use magic. They call him Asta who trains hard and made it to the Magic Knights. Asta’s motto is to never give up and he believes that even if you are poor or orphan you can still shine in this world. Let’s see how Asta is working hard to become the Wizard King.

Zora had a flashback when he was still young. At Tolsa Village Zara is given a free flower by a seller as he is his hero. Zara asks his son Zora to came and he told his son that he loves the scent of the white flower. Back to the present Zora come across the white flowers that his father uses to love.

Here we are again like always with new episode of Blac Clover every Tuesday. We have the new update of the Black Clover Episode 139 preview, and recap. Take a look at the update s about this Anime below.

Black Clover Episode 139 will be released on Tuesday, 18 August 2020, at 6:25 PM JST. Black Clover will release its latest new episode every Tuesday. Make sure you proceed with caution as this post may contain spoilers of the next episode. Let’s take a look at the recap of the last episode below.

Black Clover
Black Clover

Previously on Black Clover Episode 138

Zora took the white flowers and visits his father’s grave, he then puts them near his father’s grave. He finds out another flower near his father’s grave and he thinks that is someone from his village. Zara was the pride of Tolsa village and he was the first peasant Magic Knight. Zora remembers his father Zara and everything he did for the village.

Meanwhile, Zora heard a boy training nearby and he finds him using a magic spell without a grimoire. Zora thinks the boy has potential. Suddenly a bully came and uses his flame magic to ruin the boy’s training. Kaito’s friend praises him that the flames are perfect and they can’t wait for him to take the magic knight entrance exam. Zora is watching them nearby and he notices that the bully is Kaito from a rich family.

The boy tells Kaito to apologize for ruining his training and Kaito’s friend asks if the boy is telling Kaito to apologize. Kaito teases the boy that he is just a child who does not even have a grimoire. Since Kaito is rich he throws money to the boy and decided to go. The boy told him that when he turns fifteen he will get his own grimoire and join the magic knights. Kaito and his friends team up and start to fight with the boy using their magic.

Zora came and stop the fight. The boy uses her water spell and hit Kato and his friends. Zora told the boy not to pick a fight with three guys. The father of the boy appears and calls him Ina. He asked Ina to explained what happened and he did. Ina’s father regrets that he did not give his son time for training because Ina helps him to earn a living. Ina’s father has one leg after Ina fished complaining that he is born in a poor family.

Zora took him to his father’s grave and he consoles Ina. Later Ina helps his father and he allows him to go for training. Kaito shows up for revenge he was wearing a magic item that is powerful. Kaito attacks Ina and Zora came and stop the attack in time. Kaito ran away and Kaito’s father came to Ina’s house. Kaito’s father accuses Ina of stealing a magic item called a villa.

Ina tried to explain and Kaito came and told his father not to be fooled by Ina. Kaito’s father got involved with Ina’s father in a battle and Kaito’s father got defeated. He said that he has proof the Ina is a thief and he is reporting him to the magic knights. Zora appears and takes his top off. They find that he is a member of the BB squad. Zora reveals everything about Kaito in front of his father and Kaito apologizes.

Black Clover Episode 139 Preview

That’s what we have to offer about the upcoming updates of Black Clover. Like always we will always update you on new updates from the Clover Kingdom as soon as the new episode hits on Tuesdays.

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