One Piece Episode 942 Spoilers, and Recap

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One Piece

The major event that would define the beginning of a new turn of events has just happened in One Piece anime as we saw the first member of the Onigashima raid executed. It would be the first time we ever see how things are handled in Wano should someone identified as a threat to Orochi and the Beast Pirates. And now in an effort to reset Kinemon’s plan that was exposed. Yasuie sacrificed himself so that it will all be seen as just his prank.

This also made Orochi’s followers believe that the Onigashima raid rumors are all just Orochi’s fears and would never believe anything he says. This came at the cost of Yasuie’s life but the chance that it had offered Kinemon and everyone else is a great one. Shuttenmaru managed to reunite with every one and this also revealed the darkest secrets that the beast pirates have been keeping.

One Piece Episode 942 will be released on Sunday 20 September 2020 ar 09:3o JST. The anime will follow its usual Sunday’s release schedule and will be broadcasted on Crunchyroll at the same time it is released in Japanese local TV channels. The next episode of the anime will be broadcasted over this weekend and it seems as there won’t be a break and we will be getting another episode a week after that.

One Piece
One Piece

Taking a look at the latest developments from the anime, it seems like everything has been set in motion by Yasuie’s execution. And now what happens next is likely to be unpredictable. The execution has really touched a lot of people and they are now mad at Orochi and the Beast Pirates, especially those who are not affected by the defect SMILE’s.

Back in the prisoner mines, Luffy seems to be really annoyed by this and he is now more determined than ever to go through with his plans. To make things more interesting, Big Mom seems to have made her way into the mines as well and a lot of action will be coming from that. So to steer clear from the spoilers we will not be looking too much into the events that have not been revealed by the anime so we will only stay on the highlights from the latest episodes.

Meanwhile in Onigashima Kaidou is finally excited that things will be heating up as he was also watching the execution. So we will be expecting a lot of developments in events from now on. But the anime might slow down a little and first explain how everyone else in who appeared in the Flower capital managed to get defect SMILEs as they can now only laugh to show their sorrow as Yasuie was brutally executed by Orochi and his men.

Just like the last episode, things might slow down for an episode or two as this SMILE saga will be explained. And the action that is brewing on the prisoner’s mines, Laws rescue of his subordinates, and what will become of all this in the end. Let us wait to see how things will unfold as more episodes are released.

One Piece Episode 942 Preview

You will keep on getting the latest updates of this Anime every week, for this week that what we have to offer for you. All thanks to the latest preview and Anime’s recent development.

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