Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear – Plot, Full Cast, and update Revealed

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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

The new Isekai series from Kadokawa is finally close broadcast. The cute little girl and her adventures with her friends and her daily life are finally going to appear on the big screen.

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear is a Japnese web novel series written by Kumanano and illustrated by 029. It began its serialization online in 2014 on the most famous user-generated novel publishing website Shosetsuka ni Narou (the birthplace of the well-known web novels like Irregular at High School, Overlord, Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu). Later it got scouted by Shufu to Seikatsu Sha and later published 14 volumes since May 2015. Afterward, a manga adaptation for the series was serialized online on Shufu to Seikatus Sha’s Comic PASH!’s website since 2018.

Finally, the television anime will get adapted by the studio EMT Squared is about to broadcast from the upcoming October 7, 2020.


A young girl named Yuna, who enjoys her daily life alone gaming VRMMORPG “World Fantasy Online” got a mail that leads to different than her regular shut-in neet days. She got teleported into a different world!! She was indeed got teleported into another world but moreover with a Bear Costume!!

She indeed looks like a cute beer however, one should not go for her looks of this cute little bear look alone as she has the ridiculous magic powers and skills which can even conquer the world. This is the story about a shut-in girl and her daily life as a bear.

Characters and Cast

Yuna (Maki Kawase)

Yuna is the main protagonist of the series. She is a former 15th-year-old Shut-in and a lazy girl with a carefree personality, she used to spent her daily life playing World Fantasy Online daily. She didn’t have much interest in the real-life things, according to her life sucks and there’s no one she could consider someone as a close friend.

When she got teleported into the other world she was a bit surprised at first but let it go as of her carefree personality instead she got excited about it.

Fina (Azumi Waki)

Fina is a 10-year-old little girl who lives in the town of Cremona. Fina lives with her mother and younger sister. Sadly her father died when she was still young while her mother got bedridden because of some serious disease. To get medicine and feed the family, poor Fina had to start working from an early age. She got a small amount of money from what she could earn given by her age. She even helps the guild in skinning the monster to earn money.

Noire Foschurose (Rina Hidaka)

Noire Foschurose is a 10-year-old noble who lives in the town of Cremona. She lives together with her father Eleanora Foschurose who is the Fuedal Lord of Crimonia while her mother Cliff lives together with her older sister Shia Foschurose at Capital City. Given that she is a daughter of a wealthy family she is a bit spoiled and arrogant but that’s is her childish point. Moreover, Noire doesn’t mind involving the people regarding their class.

Shia Foschurose (Inori Minase)

Shia is the elder sister of Noire who lives together in the Royal Capital with their Mother Cliff to attend the Royal Academy while Noire lives together with her father in Cremona. Shia was quite a prideful and arrogant person before meeting Yuna.

Shuri (Miyu Tomita)

Shuri is the youngest daughter of Tirumina and Roy. Not to mention, the younger sister of Fina as well. Whenever Fina went outside to earn money for the family, Shuri at home takes care of the mother until she comes back. Shuri is bashful and sweet which is quite normal given her age but also quite mature for her age.

Gentz (Satoshi Tsuruoka)

Gentz is a Guild staff member who might be so dense at sometimes but also a kind-hearted man. He secretly had feelings for Tirumina (but never purposed) when He, Roy, and Tirumina used to be a party. After the death of Roy, he helps Fina by giving open jobs and supplying medicines to Tirumina. His help is one of the reasons the family somehow managed to get this far.


You can check the Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Promotional Video here:



  • Original: Kumanano’s “Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear” (PASH! Books / Shufu to Seikatsusha)
  • Character draft: 029
  • Director: Yu Shinoda
  • Series composition: Takashi Aoshima
  • Character design: Yuki Nakano
  • Animation production: EMT Squared


TV anime “Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear” will start broadcasting in October 2020!

  • AT-X from October 7th every Wednesday from 21:00
    Repeat broadcast: Every Friday 13: 00 and Every Monday 29: 00
  • TOKYO MX from October 7th every Wednesday from 23:30
  • BS11 from October 7th every Wednesday from 25:00
  • Sun TV from October 8th every Thursday from 25:00
  • KBS Kyoto from October 9th every Friday from 25:00
  • TOKYO MX from October 7th every Wednesday from 23:30
  • BS11 from October 7th every Wednesday from 25:00
  • Sun TV from October 8th every Thursday from 25:00
  • KBS Kyoto from October 9th every Friday from 25:00


  • The original illustrator of the Kuma Kuma Kuma series character designer 029 also written as “Oniku” is the well-known illustrator who is an original illustrator of the Devil Part-Timer ( Hataraku Maou Sama or The Devil Is a Part-Timer!)
  • The opening theme song titled “Itsuka no Kiouku” will be performed by Azumi Waki, who is doing the role of “Fina” in Kuma Kuma Bear Series. While on the other hand the ending theme song “Ano ne” will be performed by Maki Kawase who is doing the role of “Yuna”.


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