Fire Force Season 2 Episode 19 Details

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Fire Force Season 2

The Fire Force soldiers ha discovered that there is a fire in the Arakawa shopping District’s bazaar. The source of the fire is a single Infernal and ono casualty that has been found. Obi told Iris to get ready and Vulcan releases a spider net to close the road off. While they are busy making the city to be safe for citizens a powerful lady Infernal emerges from the ground. Meanwhile, Iris makes prayer so that she can burn the soul of the Infernal and return it to hell.

Hinawa unleashes Special Extinguishing Grenade and fires a bullet that hits the Infernal on its chest and Obi finishes it with Latom. Iris then completes her prayer and finished putting the Infernal to rest. Meanwhile, the rescue squad is taking care of the citizens. A gentleman rushes quickly to Iris telling her that his wife has received the Holy Sol Temple’s salvation. He asks Iris if she has obtained the mercy of Sol. Iris answers yes and said that his wife has passed on peacefully into the presence of the Lord.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 19 Recap

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 19 will be released on Saturday, 7 November 2020, at 1:55 AM JST. Note that every Saturday new episode of Fire Force Season 2 will be released. Make sure you proceed with cation you can watch out for the spoilers of the upcoming episode. Take a look at the following details.

Fire Force Season 2
Fire Force Season 2

Previously on Fire Force Season 2 Episode 18

Sometime later captain Obi gathered his crew and talked about Holy Sol Temple and the Evangelist and he thinks that those two things are connected. Iris is worried if they are really connected and Shinra asks if Obi wants him to accompany Iris to the Central Church to baptize their equipment. Obi agree with Shinra since he has never been to the Baptism Church. Shinra carries the equipment and went to the church with Iris.

In his mind, he is not thinking about what they are going to do he is thinking that it is a church date with Iris. Iris wanted to help him carry the equipment but he tries to act tough and said it is not heavy. Shinra saw the arm of Iris and said to himself that she has a milky-skinned supper upper arm. They both reach the Tokyo Empire, Chuo-ku Central Church know as the Baptism Church. While Iris is busy with Baptism she told Shinra to look around the church.

Shinra can’t believe that a beautiful church like this one has the specter of the Evangelist overshadowing its origins. Iris finished with baptism and went with Shinra to the Holy Sol Cemetery where all the clergy get buried. When they are there an Infernal priest shows up. Shinra orders Iris to do the prayer as he charges with Adolla Burst at full speed. He jumps up high in the sky and destroys the Infernal priest with one stomp kick Latom. The church sisters cried that priest used to pray every day and he got affected by the powers of Infernals.

The Bishop came and pay the last respect and said that it is fortunate that Shinra is here. Later Iris asks Shinra if the Evangelist created a Holy Sol temple it means they worship him as God. Shinra replied that it might just be close to who they picture as God in their minds. Iris adds that this God wants people to destroy the world and wishes death and suffering upon them. Shinra replied that is not true. Later Shinra carries the equipment and Iris on his back as they return back.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 19 Preview

For this week that’s what we managed to get all of the above updates with the preview of the upcoming episode. Next Saturday when Fire Force Season 2 hits with a new episode we will be bringing new updates of the upcoming episode. You can access this Anime on Crunchyroll.

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