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Death Stranding Will Be Getting A NewThis December

Death Stranding
Death Stranding (Credits: Kojima Productions)

Death Stranding was one of the most anticipated games of 2019. The story of the game wasn’t revealed and it was something that piqued everyone’s interest. When it released in the month of November it was met with mixed reactions from gamers and critics. Now, the game is getting anwhich will be coming in the month of December and most of those changes are pretty good. So, lest discuss what things will be coming with this update.

Thisadds/fixes those things that the community has given feedback on. One of them was the visibility of Sam Porter Bridges’ odradek. In Death Stranding, there was a flappy machine thing on your shoulder that claps when BTs are in the vicinity. There were sometimes that the cargo that you held on your back block your view of the odradek, which made it hard to see whether there were BTs near, ready to snatch Norman Reedus up. The newwill simply make the cargo transparent, allowing us to see how the device is reacting to the environment.

Death Stranding update

Death Stranding (Credits: Kojima Productions)

One more chance that is coming is the UI. The text size is very small which made it near impossible to read it like Sam’s e-mails can be difficult to read as well. Now with this there will be an option to increase the text size on the game’s UI. The world of Death Stranding is a desolate and a brute one which is why there are vehicles to make it easy for the players to traverse the land.

But it might have happened to you guys that your vehicle might have gotten stuck in a very terrible place. In the upcoming the player will be able to dispose of their vehicles when they inevitably get stuck in some unfavorable position. But you won’t be able to dispose of a MULE vehicle while enemies are driving it. Thewill be coming out in mid-December.