I Heard The Bells Movie Review

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I Heard the Bells; Credits: YouTube

Joshua Enck’s I Heard The Bells is a drama holiday movie that presents the amazing true story of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the author of the popular Christmas classic. Longfellow was a genuine real poet, but not many of us know much about him beyond his name. I Heard the Bells breathes new life into this half-forgotten literature king, giving us a glimpse of his victorious, yet tragic, story.

Henry is an American Poet, who lives a blissful life until tragedy rocks his world. With a country divided by Civil War and his loved ones shattered, Henry takes down his pen, numbed by despair. The music of Christmas morning, however, rekindles the poet’s buried voice as he rediscovers the booming optimism of reignited hope.

I Heard The Bells: Review

The film is set in Longfellow’s Cambridge house in the 1860s. The demise of his wife in a fire-related incident is terrible for the household. Longfellow, heartbroken, embarks on a voyage of pain that leads him to God again. As a result, he is reconnected with his children and with Jesus, the theme of Longfellow’s well-known Christmas carol that offers hope.

People who have visited Lancaster, PA, or Branson, MO may be familiar with the Sight & Sound Theatre, which puts the Bible to life on stage. They recently went out and chose to make their debut theatrical feature picture, I Heard the Bells. If you listen to Modern Christian Musical, you’ve probably heard the band Casting Crowns’ Christmas song. The song is significantly older, with a lengthy backstory.

The film is more than just a homage to music’s soul-stirring power. It also discusses important topics such as poetry, patriotism, family, as well as faith. Fans of historical dramas, in particular, will be enthralled by the picture, which is set during the American Civil War.

I Heard the Bells has excellent performances and production values. In the face of tragedy and the gloom of the Civil War, the film praises the blessings of family, faith, and optimism. This is done while acknowledging the loss’s agony.

I Heard the Bells; Credits: IMDb
I Heard the Bells; Credits: IMDb

Although the pacing of the picture is a touch slow, it is a wonderful Christmas film with moments of singing, prayers, chapel, redemption, and community. In I Heard the Bells, viewers are shown Christ’s mercy and the freedom achieved through Him. Due to certain brutality and grief themes, the film advises against bringing younger children.

Elegant clothes and period-appropriate settings harkened back to a simpler time when poets might receive great acclaim. Longfellow is famed for his magnificent language and uncompromising expression of the truth. In this film, we meet the protagonist of the true story, a committed husband and father whose ideal life is devastated by the tragedy.

The film will tell the story of one of America’s greatest poets. Let’s face it: we live in an ignorant society. Maybe you’ve heard of Longfellow, but we know nothing about his life.   You will learn about his family and life. You will learn about Longfellow’s wife’s untimely death and how it impacted him for many years, halting his creative genius. You will discover how, with the assistance of a local preacher, he overcame the challenges of his life.

I Heard the Bells Scene
I Heard the Bells Scene; Credits: IMDb

You will see just how a shattered father-son relationship may be repaired and reconciled. And you’ll find out why he penned Christmas Bells. Let us say there’s more to Christmas than church bells ringing. It’s multi-layered and full of meaning. The history of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is unlike any other. It’s a story of remembering and victory, of forgiveness and faith revival. It’s the story of a bell that will strike over and over again.

The movie deserves a 10/10 rating for its storytelling and for keeping the viewers interested even if the story was predictable to many. 

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