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My Hero Academia Chapter 213 update, Preview And Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 213 update

My Hero Academia’s manga has been on break this week but will resume the normal schedule in the following week, which has got all the fans hyped up. The Training exam arc has been getting really exciting in the past few weeks.

We got to see many interesting fights, from Todoroki’s clash against Tetsu Tetsu to Bakugo’s explosive fight against Tokage and finally, Midoriya’s One For All malfunctioning. The past few weeks have been great, and recently, we saw Midoriya meeting a former vestige of One For All.

My Hero Academia Chapter 213

So far, we know 4 of the nine vestiges, which includes the brother of All For One, Nana Shimura, Yagi Toshinori and Midoriya Izuku. The other five are not known right now, but it seems we’ll know about yet another vestige soon enough. In my opinion, this guy is the sixth user of One For All, so his name could be something along the likes of Roku.

In the upcoming chapter, I hope we get more details on his character, and at the same time, I hope we end the training exams arc for good. Midoriya’s incident is very serious, so I don’t think the exam will continue. At the same time, I do not think that Class B’s hard work will be wasted and I think they’ll be declared the winners of this training exams arc, much to Vlad’s surprise.

In my opinion, the majority of My Hero Academia Chapter 213 will be focusing on Midoriya’s meeting with the former vestige of One For All. Hopefully, we’ll find out a bit about his story and how he encountered All For One and passed down his power to Nana Shimura (if he is really the Sixth Vestige). I’m very excited for the next chapter of My Hero Academia, and I hope that you are too!

My Hero Academia Chapter 213 will come out officially on January 21, 2019. We will get the scans on January 18, 2019.

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