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Bloom Into You Season 2 Story, Characters, and Updates

Bloom Into You Season 2: Premiere Date, Story, News And Updates
Bloom Into You Season 2

Bloom Into You is a popular anime in the romance genre, which is based on yuri manga series with the same name. The manga series first appeared in the magazine Dengeki Daioh on 27 April 2015. The series is going well when the new chapter being published even now. Troyca finally announced that they are going to adapt it into an anime television. The fans of manga loved it, and the show attracted new viewers as well.

When is Bloom Into You update?

The first season got out on 5 October 2018 and had 13 episodes in total. The show got very popular, and it is strange why it has not been called for renewal till now. However, we should not worry about it because it usually takes a few years to renew the show. The chapters of a manga are still being published, so it makes sense that we have to wait a bit to see the adaption in the TV show.

The story of Bloom Into You

The story of Bloom Into You is about a high school student named Yuu Koito. She waits for the day to get a love confession so that she can experience everything which she read in her favorite Shoujo manga. She is utterly disappointed when a junior confesses his feelings for her. She tells herself that she cannot feel romance but only understand it as a concept.

She later meets Touko Nanami, who is the council president. She goes to him to ask for his help with how to respond to the boy, but Touko confesses about his feelings, and she falls in love with him too and experiences the romance she always wanted.

Who are the characters of Bloom Into You?

The characters are quite limited, and only a few of them are part of the main plot in the show. The protagonist includes Yuu Koito, who is a loving high school student. Touko Nanami is the second protagonist who is a flawless student and the student council president. The other characters include Sayaka Saeki and Miyako Kodama.