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One Piece Episode 873: Sanji Is Targeted By Oven – Online Stream And Preview

One Piece Episode 873 update

Hey everyone! In this post, I’ll be talking about One Piece Episode 873. Last week, we got to see Luffy finally escaping from the Mirror World and being greeted by Sanji. Pekoms transformed into his Sulong form as well but was ultimately suppressed.

Sanji was able to grab ahold of Luffy, and Luffy then fell asleep. Since the number of people after Sanji was huge, he was bound to have some troubles. Even after getting help from Pekoms, Sanji was unable to safely carry Luffy, but this is where the Germa forces came in at Whole Cake Island.

All of the Vinsmoke siblings came in to help Sanji out and carry out the orders of their father. Even Judge is finally up once again, and even though most fans wanted to seee his face, that’s not really possible anymore.

Coming over to next episode’s spoilers, it’ll be a hard fight for Sanji until his siblings jump in. As Sanji is targeted by Oven, Ichiji jumps in and manages to inflict fatal wounds to him. At the same time, the other Vinsmokes also do their part and help him out.

Niji showed us what he’s capable of, with his lightning speed and Yonji demonstrates his power. Reiju also helps Sanji by taking out a huge portion of the Pirates, and sanji is finally carried by Niji, who also gives him a Raid Suit before they go their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Bege is getting closer and closer to Puffs Island, and the goal is to drop off the cake there and escape from Totland in the process. Tomorrow’s episode is surely going to be fun to watch. I hope it lives up to the expectations of the fans.

One Piece Episode 873 comes out tomorrow, 17 February 2019. You can stream it on Funimation.