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The Promised Neverland Chapter 171 Spoilers: Time

The Promised Neverland Chapter 171 Spoilers update and Time

The ending of The Promised Neverland seems to be on the horizon as there are not as many surprises left, only a few secrets remain like the one that Emma had made a long time ago. The weekly schedule for The Promised Neverland will have The Promised Neverland Chapter 171 released next. So, in this post, we are going to talk about The Promised Neverland Chapter 171 spoilers, time. We will also talk more about the Manga’s update schedules so that you can get new chapters immediately after their release. Note that this post will contain spoilers, so if you don’t like them, you can skip the spoilers section below.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 171 Spoilers and Predictions

The Promised Neverland Chapter 171 Spoilers Time

Peter Ratiri seems to be a more important candidate and plays a role in the promise that Emma made. Considering how things have been going so far, there were so many chances that he would have been killed. But surprisingly he survived each one of them. The most unbelievable one was when he was surrounded by people with machine guns but all of a sudden appears fine after the shoot out. Meanwhile, the plans of the orphan’s escape are still yet to be determined of their successes because at this point it will be very difficult to believe that they can make it out.

Well, at least we will still get to see more of the unexplored outside and the demon’s world and how life is like outside the farm. Would there be other humans? And the true identity of the demons and why they ship the orphans and the question still remains on who could William Minerva be. Since there is not as much development on the demons so far I guess this will also cover some part in that.

When Is The Promised Neverland Chapter 171 update?

The Promised Neverland Chapter 171 will be released on 15 March 2020. This Manga runs on a weekly schedule meaning that new episodes are released once every week and are 7 days apart The Promised Neverland Chapter 170 was released on 8 March 2020, so this makes Chapter 171 to be released by this upcoming Sunday. Make sure to visit our site regularly as we will bring you more updates as soon as a new chapter is released.

Where To Read The Promised Neverland Chapter 171 Online?

The latest The Promised Neverland Chapters are available online as soon as they are released on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. Raw scans for new chapters are released 2-3 days before their respective chapters are released. To support the Manga creators and publishers, we advise you to read the digital copies from their official websites and apps.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 170 Recap

Peter Ratri introduces himself as the Orphan’s father revealing that he is their creator. But in the eyes of the Orphans and considering all the hardships they had to endure whilst he enjoys himself, they could not accept him. The Orphans still continue with their plan and still consider Peter as one of their enemies. Haiyo was entrusted with securing their escape route whilst norman still leads the rebellion.