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Hearthstone Rise of Shadows:And Four New Cards Revealed

The upcoming three Hearthstone expansions will all be launched under the banner of Year of the Dragon. This is titled as ‘Rise of The Shadows,’ and it will see Hearthstone’s nine heroes separated into two factions, each at war with one another. The war is between Defenders of Dalaran and The Evil League. Defenders have to protect their Warcraft city and the Denizens of Darlan against the dastardly schemes of Evil League.

The most important information to know as of now is that another 135 cards will be added to the game such as Twinspell, Scheme, Callback and Lackey cards etc. If you’re looking to pre-order, two different bundles available for Rise of Shadows. They are:
1.50 card packs, Jewel of Lazul card back, random Legendary: $49.99
2. 80 card packs, Jewel of Lazul card back, random Legendary, Madame Luzal Priest hero: $79.99

So anyway, out hot-topic for the day is four Hearthstone cards that have been revealed. In anticipation of the release of ‘Rise of Shadows’, four new cards have been revealed. These cards go by the name of Fluffy Squirrel Whisperer, Crystalsong Portal, Vendetta and lastly, Nine Lives. Let’s discuss each of them in detail.

1. Fluffy Squirrel Whisperer: though this card hasn’t been officially names as yet, we’ll call it Fluffy Squirrel Whisperer for time being. Fluffy Squirrel Whisperer is a one-mana Druid minion with two Attack and one Health. Upon dying, it activates its Deathrattle and puts two 1/1 Squirrels into players hand. The card fits into the category of aggro Druid decks. It can be used to take advantage of the early game and overwhelm ones opponent.

2. Crystalsong Portal: these Druid cards aren’t that big of a deal but they’ll have some use. To begin with, Crystalsong Portal is an Epic spell that costs you two mana and discovers a Druid minion. And if you have no minions in your hand, you keep all three. This card will act as good to support for Token Druid. You may get a fair amount of value out of Crystalsong.

3. Vendetta: It is a four-mana Rogue spell card that deals four damage to a minion. It costs zero mana if you’re holding a card from another class. It sort of looks niche and costs a fair amount. It works exceptionally well in a Burgle Rogue deck.

4. Nine Lives: lastly this hunter card is a three-mana spell that Discovers a Deathrattle minion. This minion is the one, that has already died in the game. It also triggers its Deathrattle.

Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows is released on April 9, 2019.