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Attack On Titan Chapter 116 Spoilers – Reiner VS Eren Begins

In the previous chapter of Hajime Isayama’s Attack On Titan manga, weird things happened involving Zeke and a small girl in which everyone assumes as Ymir, the first ever Titan. Zeke is alive while Levi’s status is unknown. A lot of people believe that Hange escaped because she knew that Levi is still alive. In Attack On Titan chapter 116 spoilers, the Eldians in Paradis will be under attack by Marley’s forces.

Attack On Titan chapter 116 will see Yelena killing someone in front of Onyakopon and the detainees. All of her audience was shocked to see that she killed one of her own soldiers. After that, Yelena bowed and said: “I sincerely apologize for his rudeness.” This scene has no additional details yet. We’llthis page if there is a new development for the chapter.

On the other side scenes, Eren and Pieck are having a conversation. Pieck ordered Gabi to point the gun to Eren, which she complied, albeit reluctantly. Eren is threatening to transform into a titan, but Pieck tells him that if he does, then her comrade will know his location immediately. Eren will use the Warhammer Titan instead of the attack titan.

“You’re not permitted to kill the Founding Titan. The order is to ‘Make sure to recapture the Founder.’ Even in this situation, you can’t afford to turn into a titan temporarily and eat me alive, right?” This is one of Eren’s dialogue in the chapter. After he transforms, Porco and Reiner appear while Piech carried Gabi out of the place. In the last scene, an angry Eren and a determined Reiner is staring down at each other.

Eren Vs. Reiner

While Eren and Reiner are staring down at each other, there are text bubbles saying “You must be the victim of Liberio. I’ll put you to an end.” With that, Attack On Titan chapter 116 ended. Unfortunately, there is no Hange, Levi, and Annie in this chapter.  Hopefully, Eren’s alliance will be cleared out in this chapter.