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Eccentric! Chef Moon Episode 13: Preview, update & Streaming Details

Eccentric! Chef Moon Episode 11

Eccentric! Chef Moon will be releasing its 13th episode this week, and we will see a very cute moment between Eric Mun and Go Won Hee, according to the preview stills released for the upcoming episode.

Eccentric! Chef Moon made its debut on Channel A on March 27, 2020, and has been keeping audiences engaged. In this article, we will take a look at what’s to come in the upcoming episodes as the show approaches its end!

Eccentric! Chef Moon Preview

Eric and Go Won Hee will excite viewers with their chemistry in the 13th episode of Eccentric! Chef Moon. Moon Seung Mo and Yoo Bella have reunited again with a stronger relationship in a crisis, giving a long afterglow.

In particular, when Yoo Bella tried to leave Korea due to the threat of Im Cheol Yong, Moon Seung Mo grabbed her and confessed his love. The stills show Yoo Bella with eyes full of regrets and Eric, who looks like he’s very much in love with her. The two of them have confirmed each other’s feelings emit the sweet lover’s atmosphere, and such it’d be hard to see them falling apart.

In addition, Moon Seun Mo, who notices the heart of Yoo Bella, which is full of regrets and soothes it, is filled with affection and makes viewers’ hearts beat faster. On the other hand, at the end of episode 12, the face-to-face between Im Cheol Yong and Moon Seung Mo who came to Pungcheonok is depicted, and the confrontation between the two men will be fierce. With the unexpected rise of Im Cheol Yong, tension is soaring, and many viewers are wondering what will unfold.

Stills from Eccentric! Chef Moon.

Eccentric! Chef Moon Episode 13 update & Streaming Details

Eccentric! Chef Moon will release its episode 13 on Friday, May 8, 2020, on the local Korean cable TV channel Channel A at 23:00 KST (Korea Standard Time). The K-drama is available with English subtitles only on the streaming platform Rakuten Viki. You can expect to catch up on the episode after it airs in South Korea.

While the show is available on Rakuten Viki for free, you can watch it in HD with a premium Rakuten Viki subscription. It is only licensed for a few regions, however, so not everyone will be able to view it. In case the show is locked for your region, we recommend using a VPN or a proxy.