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Detroit Become Human: PC update, And Gameplay

Detroit Become Human update
Detroit Become Human

A handful of Quantic Dream’s PlayStation exclusive games were confirmed to be coming to PC. It is an excellent move by them, and it will result in a lot of happy fans. The games which will be coming to PC are Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain, and Detroit: Become Human. They will be released this year, and there will be a demo of each game before their launch. The games are going to be launched via the Epic Games store. So, if you want to get yourself any of those games, Epic Games store is the only place to get them.

Moving on to the updates of the game. After being in the dark about their releases, we finally found when the games are going to be released. The demo for Heavy Rain will be launched on May 24, and the entire game will be released on June 24. Beyond: Two Souls will get its demo on June 27, and the full game will follow on July 22. Both games will be available for USD 19.99.

This leaves us with Detroit: Become Human. Sadly, it is the only game with no exact update. The demo is expected to launch later this summer, and the full game will be released in the fall. Detroit: Become Human is available for USD 39.99. To me it seems that we might get Detroit: Become Human in August 2019, and the full game will come out in September 2019.

Guillaume de Fondaumière, co-CEO said, “Through these demos, gamers will have the opportunity to look into the hard work and dedication we have put into the PC versions of our beloved titles.” The system requirements for Detroit: Become Human is already out.