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Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 9 Preview, and Spoilers

Sing Yesterday For Me

In today’s post, we will be looking at Sing  Yesterday For Me episode 9 the previews for the upcoming episodes. In the latest episode of Sing Yesterday For Me. Uozumi finds Shinako waiting for him in front of his apartment. They were both shy to talk with each other and Uozumi told her that he is hired full time after she asked him that if he had quit his job at the store. The next episode will be released on the weekend so we will get to see how things will turn out from there.

From the latest updates, Uozumi walks Shinako home and misses his second chance to tell her about his feelings, on the next day Haru waits for Uozumi on his way home they both enjoy drinks together and Haru notices that he has been avoiding her for the past days. Take a look at the update about the next episode below

Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 9 Updates So Far

Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 9 will be released on Sunday, 31  May 2020, at 1:30 AM JST. Keep in mind that for most parts of the world, the episode will be released later in Saturday as time in Japan is usually ahead by a lot of hours. New episodes are usually released every Sunday JST so we will get more updates by then.

Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 9

Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 9 Still

Previously on Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 8

Uozumi notices that Shinako seems off while walking her to the apartment and it seems as if they wanted to talk about something important but they couldn’t share their feelings. Later in the evening, they both visited their friends and told them what keeps on happening when they are together. Fukuda told Uozumi that he missed out a once in a lifetime opportunity, Shinako told her friend Morita that she starts feeling lonely when she talks with Uozumi and nothing ended up happening she doesn’t know how to face him next time.

Morita gave Shinako advice to go out with Uozumi and Morita told her to stop comparing Uozumi with his past boyfriend meanwhile Fukuwada told Uozumi that because of his attitude that’s why he can’t make a move when a girl gives him an opening. Uozumi went away after finishing drinking beer with his friend wonder what he should do he then come across Haru and she asks him to try new bagels with him at his place. Uozumi decided to walk her home and told her to stop being late at night.

The next day Uozumi worked hard and becomes a full-time employee while Haru keeps on visiting Uozomi’s workplace and just look at him by the window to see his progress that makes her happy. Shinako visits Tree House Bar again and Morita asks him about how things are going between her and Uozumi, She replied that they never met ever since. Morita told her not to end up with regrets she went to the convenience store looking for Uozumi then she meets with Haru, Haru told her that Uozumi has not been around lately they both think that he quit working there.

Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 9 Preview

That is all of the updates we have managed to get from the preview of the next episode at this point. So make sure you visit again as we will have more updates as soon as the next episode is released.