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One Piece Chapter 947 Spoilers – Big Mom Is Back

Big Mom VS Queen
Big Mom vs Queen

In the previous chapter of One Piece, we witnessed the battle between a Yonko and a Disaster. Although Queen is one of Kaido’s right-hand men, he was defeated by Big Mom in just a few blows. In addition, Big Mom and Luffy reunited weeks after their battle from the Whole Cake Island. Finally, in One Piece chapter 947, Big Mom’s memory will be back. Will Luffy and Grandpa Hyo be able to get out of the prison alive?

Luffy will have a bit of a flashback while he was training with Rayleigh. Meanwhile, both of them are in danger because Big Mom’s gonna attack again. They were both blown away, but Grandpa Hyo is fine as he was guarding with the Haki called Ryou, which can be used as offense and defense. Grandpa Hyo also revealed that if powerful enough, Ryou can reach the body’s interior and destroy the vitals.

As expected of Big Mom, she was able to destroy the Udon Prison with her just chasing Luffy. Queen is still conscious and is trying to think of something to stop the rampaging Yonko. His plan is to lure the rampaging Big Mom with oshiruko. He will then attack Big Mom with Brachio Bombs.  The impact of the explosion brought Big Mom’s memory back. When everybody is almost losing hope thinking that Big Mom will get them, the Yonko actually fell asleep.

Thinking ahead, this gives Queen the opportunity to tie Big Mom with sea stone chains. They wrapped the chains 100 times and even administered 100% animal anesthesia. Queen and his men are planning to escort Big Mom to Onigashima before she wakes up. After Queen and his men left, Babanuki (the warden of the Udon Prison Mine) was left in charge. Meanwhile, Luffy started his own rampaging. That’s it for One Piece chapter 947 spoilers. Stay tuned for more information and spoilers for this arc.

One Piece Chapter 947 update

One Piece 947 will come out officially on Monday, July 1, 2019.