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Black Clover Episode 134 Preview, and Spoilers

Black Clover

The Black Bull squad and the Crimson Lion King are still at the Yultim Volcano region they are preparing to fight the devil. After Leopold send the powerful devil spider monster away using flame magic spiral flames they discovered the cave’s surprising secret. Mereoleona said that is a dungeon and things are getting excited as she wants to destroy all monsters.

This coming  Tuesday, we are focusing at Black Clover Episode 134 preview, and recap. Merooleon scolds the Crimson Lion King squad for being late since the Black Bulls are the first ones to arrive at the scene. Charmy prepares food for everyone to have the energy for the next mission to fight the monsters.

Black Clover Episode 134 update

Black Clover Episode 134 will be released on Tuesday, 14 July 2020, at 6:25 PM JST. Note that the time is in Japanese standard time, so it will be a little different from your local time as Japanese time is ahead of many countries. You can change the time to your local time to get the episode as soon as it id released. Let’s take a look at the recap and preview below.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Previously on Black Clover Episode 133

Fuegoleon receives a message from Marx Francois tellin him that the powerful magic item lies deep within the dungeon. According to a book that master Julius found in the library. The magic item is sealed away deep in the Yultim Volcano by people who feared it would be used for evil. Julius wanted to head to the dungeon but Marx did not allow him. Fuegoleon gives everyone instructions that Asta, Noelle, Leo, Luck, and Magna will be the first ones to enter the dungeon.

Luck and Magna will search for the location where the magic items sleep. The rest of the crimson will rendezvous with the first group as soon as their mana has recovered. Asta and others enter the dungeon where Asta steps on a magic trap. He manages to cut the fire that was coming toward him and Leo prases that his rival manages to take out one.

Vice-captain of the Crimson Lion King Randal uses his powerful spell to destroy all the traps for them not to get delayed. They all team up in a group of two, Luck is with Magna, Noelle with Asta and Leo with Randal. They choose different path but Asta chose the wrong path where he ended up retrieving back carrying Noelle while being chased by the volcano.

Leo and Randal manage to find where the magic item is and it is guarded by the golems. Randal fought with the monster spider but it sticks him to the wall with spider webs. Leo decided to surpass his limit by using a new spell to destroy all the spiders and the golems in a single blow. After destroying the spider it went back to normal and the magic item was hidden inside the spider.

Black Clover Episode 134 Preview