NF Reveals His Upcoming Album’s update

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NF new album

NF’s upcoming album is around the corner, and his fans are extremely excited for the new list of songs that will be released in the album. He has been teasing fans on Instagram with his upcoming album, and fans are getting restless, they want the album to release as soon as possible. However, we still have sometime before the album finally drops. NF hopes to deliver a powerful message with his upcoming album, and his fans have high expectation from him, so it will be interesting to see how his album performs among the audiences when it finally releases. We have gathered all the latest updates and information regarding his upcoming album, so here is everything you need to know about ‘The Search.’

If you don’t know NF then worry not, we got you covered; He is an American rapper and songwriter. His full name is Nathan John Feuerstein but, known professionally as NF in the community. His album ‘EP’ which released back in 2014 was his main breakthrough, and then, he went on to release three more albums after that which include Mansion (released in 2015), Therapy Session (released in 2016), and Perception (released in 2017). His “Let You Down” was a huge hit which gave him worldwide recognition.

With all these hits, the expectations get automatically high and his upcoming album ‘The Search,’ is his fourth studio album. Along with the official released, NF also revealed his live tour dates:

  • 12th September: Pittsburgh, PA
  • 13th September: Grand Rapids, MI
  • 14th September: Detroit, MI
  • 15th September: Columbus, OH
  • 17th September: Philadelphia, PA
  • 18th September: Wallingford, CT
  • 20th September: Charlotte, NC
  • 21st September: Raleigh, NC
  • 23rd September: Nashville, TN
  • 26th September: Louisville, KY
  • 27th September: Fort Wayne, IN
  • 28th September: Minneapolis, MN
  • 29th September: Winnipeg, MB
  • 1st October: Edmonton, AB
  • 2nd October: Calgary, AB
  • 3rd October: Vancouver, BC
  • 5th October: Seattle, WA
  • 6th October: Kennewick, WA
  • 8th October: Portland, OR
  • 9th October: Garden City, ID
  • 11th October: Magna, UT
  • 13th October: Morrison, CO
  • 15th October: Kansas City, MO
  • 18th October: Houston, TX
  • 19th October: Oklahoma City, OK
  • 20th October: Irving, TX
  • 22nd October: Phoenix, AZ
  • 24th October: Anaheim, CA
  • 26th October: San Jose, CA

NF’s upcoming album ‘The Search,’ will be released on 26th July 2019.

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