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The Good Detective Episode 5 update and Streaming Details

The Good Detective

On Monday we will be looking at The Good Detective Episode 5. The death sentence Lee Dae Chul who is guilty of his crime is near. The evaluation process for Do Chang’s promotion is about to take place. After discovering that Lee Dae Chul has an evident at the time of the murder, Do Chang needs to chose if he must save an innocent man or to take the evidence to the high officials.

Jin Seo Kyung said that Leea Dae’s case has gained a lot of attention at this time. Kyun wants to know why is someone revealing the truth now about the case. She thinks that it will damage their reputation that they have built up. Hyun said that maybe it is because an innocent man is about to die. Seo Gyeong joins Do Chang and Ji Hyuk at Dae Chul’s old workplace, later Seo Gyeong receives a phone call from Park Gun-Ho.

Park Gun sounds very urgent. Kang Do Chang is trying to match the suspect whos on CCTV footage with Lee Dae Chul. A group of corruption keeps pressuring violent crimes unit two for them to stop following Lee Dae Chul’s case. Ji Hyuk saves Seo Gyeong from Jo Seong Dae who is suspected of killing Park Gun Ho. Later evidence that leads to Lee Dae Chul’s innocence starts increasing.

The Good Detective

The Good Detective

Do Chang decides to investigate the doubtful things concerning the case to find out the truth. Kang Do Chang and Oh Ji Hyuk visited a patient from the hospital the patient was listening to music and she didn’t hear what they were saying. Hyuk said Park Gun-Ho was murdered talking to the patient who then stops listening to music.

He also asks if Park talked to her about the killer and Park was on the side of the patient’s father. The patient started screaming suddenly the doctors came in.

The Good Detective Episode 5 update and Streaming Details

The Good Detective episode 5 will premiere on Monday, 20 July 2020 at 21:30 Korean Standard Time. New episodes will be broadcasted on the local Korean Tv Channel jTBC first before it can be available for all viewers across various streaming websites. So to get the next episode online then you can use the official streaming details for the show below.

For those who prefer streaming, they can stream The Good Detective online on the HBO and Dramacool streaming website. New episodes will be available with English subtitles and will still be online even after their broadcast days so that fans can do a rewatch or catch up on the episodes they might have missed. Catch up a new episode on Monday and Tuesday on time mentioned above.

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