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Kevin Feige Reveals The Master Plan Behind Marvel Phase 4

Marvel's Phase 4

After the Avengers: Endgame released, fans started discussing what lies in the future of MCU. Now, luckily for fans, Marvel’s Boss, Kevin Feige revealed Phase 4 of the MCU. It was during their presentation at the San-Diego Comic-Con that he revealed Marvel’s Phase 4 along with some of the fan-favorite characters who would be getting their shows in the upcoming Disney+ streaming platform.

Along with that, he also revealed some of the new heroes who would be making their entrance soon. To some fans, this whole thing leads to a greater plan. We have brought all the details of the event, so here is everything you need to know about the major plan behind Marvel’s Phase 4.

Marvel Phase 4

kevin feige san diego comic con

Kevin Feige at San-Diego Comic-Con

In an interview with CNN, Feige revealed that the plans which would lead to the imminent Phase 5 would be depending on what happens in the future of Phase 4. According to him, there is always a bigger vision behind things, and others start to see it once the plan solidifies. He said that after Avengers: Endgame happened, they were always thinking about ‘new’ and the team had always been wanting to do what they have been doing in all the previous phases which have been to make a film based on a character in a way that fans never expect.

Kevil revealed that they would be following the pattern of Phase 2, and ‘Eternals’ is all about that. The team wants to introduce new awesome characters like Shang-Chi and new versions of Dr. Strange. Thor will also change, evolve and continue to surprise fans.

Kevin further added that the upcoming shows on Disney+ would also have an impact on the future of MCU. He said that WandaVision would be unlike anything before, and Daniel Bruhl is also coming back. He expects the upcoming movies and shows to fully satisfy the fans and entertain them the way they have been before.

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