Black Clover Episode 144 Preview, and Spoilers

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Black Clover

Dazu, who lives in a town called Tiulyu lost her husband and mother-in-law due to the attack on her city by the devil host. Dazu and Bow decide to visit the Clove Kingdom to get rid of all the devil hosts. She thinks that they are the ones that are responsible for the destruction in her town. Asta, Marie, and Nero, they are on her list, she teams up with Bow and Damnatio assistant Kabwe.

From the recent development of this Anime, Marie was kidnaped by a group of Devil Banishers who also attack Asta and Nero. They also manage to take Nero away and disappear using a water spell in front of Noelle. Asta is left lying down unconscious and Noelle is trying to wake him up. Let’s see what will happen to the Magic Knight and the group of Devil Banishers below.

This upcoming Tuesday we will be looking at the Black Clover Episode 141 preview, and a recap of the last episode. Noelle failed to protect Nero from being taken away by the Banisher, lets to find out what happens when Asta wakes up. First, take look at the following details.

Black Clover Episode 144 will be released on Tuesday, 22 September 2020, at 6:25 PM JST. Note that the time is in Japanese standard time. For you to get the episode as soon as it is released you can change the time to your local time. Let’s see what more Black Clover has to offer for us down here.

Black Clover
Black Clover

Previously on Black Clover Episode 143

The Devil Banishers reach their hide-out and their boss welcomes them asking them about Asta. The Devil Banishers unmask their face one by one it is revealed that Kabwe, Bow nad Dazu is one of them. Kabwe apologizes for failing to kidnap Asta and he said that Asta is in deep sleep. Meanwhile, Gordon, Noelle, and the doctor are trying to heal Asta from the poison that he inhales earlier. Noelle is worried if Asta is still alive and why he is not opening his eyes.

The doctor told her that he is still alive and She replied that what if he is in a spell that will put him to sleep forever. The doctor replied that Asta is not asleep because of the spell, it is the sleeping potion. Suddenly Yami shows up with Marx and they talked about the sleeping potion. The doctor said that they must wait he will wake up on his own. Marx opens his grimoire to find out what happened to Asta meanwhile at Nean Town Gauche is angry holding the old hag with the collar.

He told her that she keeps on getting Marie into trouble. She replied that he has to do something important before he strangles the old lady. Neige wakes up and explains to Gauche how Marie got kidnaped. Back to Marx, his grimoire showed everything that happened to Asta and Nero. Yami got angry and punched the wall meanwhile, Gauche and Finral confront Damnatio and Gauche asks about Marie.

Damnatio asks if something happened to Marie and Gauche said he took her again. Damnatio said that considering everything Gauche has done he must be judged. He opens his grimoire and summons Scale Magic: Scale Regulate. He said that he will send Gauche back to prison while he wanted to judge him. Gauche makes his double clone using a mirror. Damnatio overpowers Gauche and wanted to seize him.

Yami appears and stoped everything while Domnatio asks Marx to show them his memories and clears everything. Nozel came and reveals about the bracelet that shows them that they are in Tiulyu. The Magic Knight reached Tiulyu town and Dazu notice them. Yami and Finral are standing in front of her they are both staring at each other.

Black Clover Episode 144 Preview

For more updates for the upcoming episode, it will be available next week as soon as the new episode is released. For this month that’s what episode 143 has to offer for us. See you next Tuesday with a new episode and updates. Watch this Anime officially on Crunchyroll ZA only and for others, they can use this link Crunchyroll and visit its official website at

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