Noblesse Episode 5 Spoilers

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From the latest development of Noblesse, M-21 was taken in front of his student Regis and Seria. Crans crew is the one that took M-21 since they want to find the truth about the coffin incident. Meanwhile, Frank is enjoying drinking tea with Raizel, and Regis along with Seria came back. Frank welcomes the saying that they look like people who had a tough day. Regis is angry claiming that M-21 has deceived him and he went straight to bed.

Frank asks Seria what has happened and Seria told Frank about the men that they think are M-21 friends. Seria reveals that the men said that M-21 was on a mission and he left with his friends. Seria also went to bed and Frank remembers that M-21 said the Union was searching for Master Raizel. Frank started wondering if M-21 was staying with them to get some information about them. Frank thinks that if it is true it means M-21 has got all the information about them.

Noblesse Episode 5 Recap

Noblesse Episode 5 will be released on Wednesday, 4 November 2020, at 10:00 PM JST. The new episode of this Anime will be released every Wednesday. This post may contain spoilers for the next episode if you don’t like them you can skip them. Watch this Anime officially on Crunchyroll. Take a look below.


Previously on Noblesse Episode 4

In the morning M-21 is with Crans crew who have tied him and splash hi with a bucket of water. Cran asks M-21 if he was sent to retrieve the coffin. He also asks if he has met with Jake, Marie, and what has happened back then. M-21 replied that they are just wasting time by questioning trash like him. Shark kicks M-12 on his belly saying that he just has to answer the question. Crans told M-21 that if he cooperates they won’t give him trouble or is he unable to reveal the truth because he is on a special mission.

M-21 realizes that Crans crew are not even aware that he betrayed the Union. They also believe that he is on a special mission but he is not. Shark continues to kick M-21 and Crans told him to stop and said that he is giving him time to think. M-21 realizes that this is only his chance and he has to take advantage since they don’t know the truth. Takeo gave M-21 water since he saw that he is dehydrated. M-21 asks him why he gives it to him and he replied that he can’t see a fellow agent suffering.

M-21 told Crans crew that he will cooperate but on one condition. Crans said he has another way to make him spill the beans and M-21 said he is not afraid of the serum he’d rather die without talking. Crans decide to accept his condition and Shark gets angry about that. M-21 said he wants to know about his experiment comrades in exchange for telling them the truth.

M-21 starts to make it difficult for them he said he is too hungry to talk he must first get food. Crans ask Hummer to give him the meat he is eating. M-21 said he wants something else which is Ramen. Later Shark went out with Hummer and clash with Regis and Shark find out that Regis is a Noblesse.

Hummer told Shark not to underestimate Regis and he gave him a pill to boost his power. Shark gets muscled up and told Regis that he will show him the power of ”D.” Regis also got powered up and started beating Shark who notice that Regis is surpassing him in both speed and power. Hammer took out Han and Woo and told Regis to cooperate or they will be killed. Shark and Hammer went back with Regi, Han, and Woo. They surprised M-21 by showing him his students.

Noblesse Episode 5 Preview

That is what Noblesse episode 3 has managed to offer for today. For more updates about this Anime wait after seven days.

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