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Borderlands 3 Patch Comes Along With Moxxi Heist DLC

Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3 (Credits: Gearbox)

Borderlands 3 new holiday DLC was released and with it also comes hotfix patch. The patch will come automatically if you’re in the main menu, but you may need to quit out and wait until the sign appears to make it happen if you’re in-game at the time. The hotfix addresses many of the bugs which were reported by players like decreases the shields and armor on Maliwan Deathspheres in the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite event.

The company Gearbox said that the most recent patch will improve the navigation of the Deathspheres, but that made them harder to hit, so the lowered shields and armor compensate for the change. Furthermore, there are also changes to matchmaking in Takedown. The blog post reads “The Takedown matchmaking service now won’t transition players into the Takedown until a full party of four players have been found.”

Borderlands 3 dlc

Borderlands 3 (Credits: Gearbox)

“We believe players would prefer matchmaking take a little longer in order to enter the Takedown with a full party. We’ll be monitoring this change and will adjust as necessary.” Most of the changes that came with this hotfix came to the Takedown, and soon you will be able to jump in regardless of party size. From 31 December through 16 January, you will be able to play with any number of players, and matchmaking will be updated to get into parties quickly instead of necessarily waiting for a full party.

Borderlands 3 December 19 Hotfix

• Addressed a reported concern that Terror was sometimes not dropping his loot when re-running Agonizer 9000.

• Addressed a reported concern where loot could sometimes fall through the floor surrounding the Agonizer 9000.

• Addressed a perceived progression blocker where enemies would sometimes not spawn immediately for the objective “Kill Traitors” in the mission “Porta Prison”.

• Addressed a reported concern that Zane’s “Trick of the Light” skill was sometimes reporting lower bonus damage values in its description than what it was awarding.

• Addressed a reported concern that Moze’s “Desperate Measures” skill sometimes wasn’t awarding the damage bonus to Iron Bear’s Right Gun.