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Wicked Tuna Season 8 update Details For 2019

Wicked Tuna Season 8 update

Wicked Tuna, a show about a salty fisherman, may not look like the most appealing show but is actually quite good and those who watch the show regularly know that, which is why even after seven seasons, its popularity hasn’t decreased one bit.

Fans really want to know when the show will return with its eighth season, and in this post, that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about. While information on Wicked Tuna Season 8 really is limited, we’ll do our best to inform you all about everything, from the update to the spoilers and the trailers. So let’s get started!

The series premiered back in 2012 and had been steadily improving with each passing year. We hope to get something really special this time around as well. But when exactly will Wicked Tuna Season 8 release? Going by what we’ve seen from the previous seasons of the show, it isn’t too far fetched to say that a release around March 2019 is likely.

Wicked Tuna Season 8

We may see a slight delay, but I’m adamant that the show will make a return around the same time. Surprisingly, no announcements have been made on the return of the 8th season of the show, but we’re hopeful that an announcement will be made within the next one month.

Just like the update, we don’t have a trailer for the show yet, but we expect it to drop a month or so from now. There’s still time for that to happen, so make sure that you check out Otakukart regularly for the updates.

The show’s upcoming season is going to be something else entirely, and according to reports, we’ll see the return of the Last Man Standing. It is also easy to guess that Mike Rowe will return as the main narrator since he has been doing this job throughout all seven seasons now.

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