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Lethal Weapon Season 4 Release And Cast

Lethal Weapon Season 4 update

The second half of the third season of Lethal weapon is yet to air but, the fans are already excited for what will happen in the fourth season. The second half of the third season will start airing on January 22, 2019. There was a lot of speculation that the actors working on the show have been happier ever since Clayne Crawford’s departure from the series.

Damon Wayans said that he has no hard feelings about the situation and he wished Clayne all the best for the future. In the third season, we saw Wayans’ character Murtaugh would come to terms with the death of his partner Riggs.

The cast for the fourth season is the focus of many debates. We know how much work the staff had to put into making the show enjoyable. We can expect Damon Wayans to return for a fourth season. Seann William Scott might come back as Roger Murtaugh’s partner Cole.

The president of Fox Entertainment Michael Thorn said that he is happy to have Seann as an addition to the cast. We can also expect to see Maggie Lawson as Dr. Natalie Flynn, Johnathan Fernandez as Bernard ‘Scorsese’, Michelle Mitchenor as Detective Sonya Bailey, Jordana Brewster as Dr Maureen Cahill, Keesha Sharp as Trish Murtaugh, Kevin Rahm as Captain Brooks Avery, Chandler Kinney as Riana Murtaugh, and Dante Brown as Roger ‘RJ’ Murtaugh Jr.

It’s still too early to predict when the fourth season will be released. But, we can expect it to air sometime in 2020. It all depends on when they are planning to release the show.

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