Doc Martin Season 10
Doc Martin Season 10

Doc Martin, which is available to stream via ITV Hub now, is rumored to have concluded in early November 2019 on ITV. However, the creators of the show have intended to proceed with the show further. The series can be best described as a Medical Comedy-drama.

The future of Season 10 is not ruled out by the lead star Martin Clunes who plays the role of Doctor Martin Ellingham in the series. However, Season 10 remains unknown until its release date.

The release of Season 10 depends on many things like ratings, cast availability, and the decisions of the creators and staff of the show. Mr. Philippa Braithwaite does the scriptwriter of the show and Dominic Minghella creates the series.

Doc Martin Season 10
Doc Martin Season 10

What will happen in Doc Martin Season 10

The inception of Season 10 largely depends on the epilogue of Season 9, which can be regarded as a classic cliffhanger. Doc Martin was just about to undergo the final part of his General Medical Council scrutiny. However, before he could even start the review, he understood that the would-be struck off from the register. Therefore, he decided to resign.

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He wanted to tell his wife Louisa about his decision, but she gave him a greater revelation. She was pregnant.

In the final moments of the show, Martin broke his news about employment and admitted that his timing could not have been worse.

Doc Martin Season 10 Spoilers

Now, the marketing strategists reveal that ITV tried to tease their fans that the show is ending for good. Fans considered the tease as truth and tweeted about the show’s sad ‘farewell’. If the series had ended there, the show would have hosted seventy episodes in total. But there is much more in store.

The first seven seasons of Doc Martin are available on Amazon Prime at £7.49 each, and it is available on streaming platforms such as Youtube Premium at £1.99 each.

When is Doc Martin Season 10 Release Date?

Doc Martin Season 10 release date is likely to be in September 2021. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.

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