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‘One Piece’ Anime Reveals The Wano Country Arc Air Date

One Piece Anime Wano Country Arc update

The One Piece anime is finally near the end of the Whole Cake Island arc, with just one more episode to go now. Whole Cake Island arc began two years ago and has been quite a ride since then. It is finally going to end with One Piece Episode 877, and that means we’ll see the beginning of a new arc on March 31, 2019.

If you’ve been expecting a filler arc after this, you may be surprised to know that there will be none. We’re heading straight into the Reverie arc after this, and that’s certainly very exciting. In the manga, the Reverie arc began at One Piece Chapter 903 and ended at One Piece Chapter 907.

That’s almost four chapters since half of each of those chapters is stuff not related to the Reverie. I expect these four chapters to be made into at least eight episodes or so, with a lot of important information thrown in between. After the Reverie arc, it seems that we may be getting a fire arc.

I expect a three-episode filler-arc to begin after the Reverie arc. This arc has to conclude by the end of June 2019 because the One Piece anime is officially going to enter the Wano Country arc in July. This information comes directly from YonkouProductions himself, and with that, it’s pretty much confirmed to be true.

Wano is hyped up to the biggest and the best One Piece arc ever, and I’m certainly expecting the anime staff to make huge efforts in it, just like they did in the Whole Cake Island arc. The Wano Country arc will likely begin at around One Piece Episode 890, although that’s not confirmed just yet.