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Meow, the Secret Boy Episodes 23 & 24: Preview, update & Streaming Details

Meow, the Secret Boy is now at the part where we feel that Hong Jo’s identity will soon be revealed to Kim Sol Ah.

Meow the Secret Boy, also known as Welcome, is about Kim Sol Ah (played by Shin Ye Eun), who has a love and hate relationship with cats. She brings a cat at her home to keep him as her pet, but the cat named Hong Jo (essayed by Kim Myung Soo) is no ordinary animal. He has the ability to transform into a human being when he is present near Kim Sol Ah’s belongings.

In this article, you will find streaming details, and update about Meow, the Secret Boy episodes 23 & 24

Meow the Secret Boy Preview

In the previous episode, we saw Kim Sol-Ah (Shin Ye-Eun) introduce Hong-jo (Kim Myung-soo) directly and publicly. We also saw Hong Jo wait for Kim Sol Ah at the bus stop with a yellow umbrella. He waited a long time for Kim Sol Ah, who was busy at work.

When Kim Sol Ah arrived, she told Hong Jo not to wait for her as she gets late from work sometimes. To this, Hong Jo said, “It is the cat’s job to wait.”

Meow, the Secret Boy Episodes 23 & 24 update and Streaming Details

Episodes 23 & 24 of Meow, the Secret Boy will release in Korea on Thursday, April 30, 2020, at 10 PM KST (Korea Standard Time) on the local cable TV channel KBS2. Meow, the Secret Boy releases four episodes weekly every Wednesday and Thursday.

Meow, the Secret Boy is streaming with English subtitles on Rakuten Viki, Viu, and Kocowa. The episodes should be available shortly after airing in Korea.

Meow, the Secret Boy Plot

Kim Sol Ah is a graphic designer in her mid-twenties who has a dream of becoming a webtoon author. She also has a love-hate relationship with cats. This leads to her finding a cat, which she brings home. Now this cat, named Hong Jo, is not like any other ordinary cat. It has the ability to transform into a human being.

Hong Jo takes a liking to Sol Ah and decides to stay as a cat forever with her, hiding his secret ability to turn human from her. The story of “Meow, the Secret Boy” revolves around Hong Jo trying not to reveal his mysterious power to turn human to his owner Sol Ah.